Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just a beautiful day

Today the temperature was a wonderful 72 degrees with a mild breeze. Just perfect. So Fred and I did a few walks and then the last walk of the day was a big one. Having Fred has been a great source of exercises for me. I feel much better and I have more energy than I have had in a long time. Not only is he great for my exercise he is great fun to have around.
When we got back Fred just headed right for his bed and plopped down, LOL
Later he got up and we played for a little while. When he is finished playing he hides his toy of choice either at the far end of the porch (his favorite hiding spot) or he puts it in his bed and lays down on top of it. His way of saying , game over.
So now he is in his crate and snoring like a man. LOL and I mean loud too.

Any way hope you all had a wonderful day and it wasn't to hot where ever it is you are.


  1. I'm so glad that you found Fred and are enjoying having him for a companion. It sounds as if he's also glad you found him. I love that he hides his toy when he's finished playing. Your weather sounds great. We're still having very hot weather with high humidity.

  2. Our weather has improved somewhat. Only in low 90's.

    I had a cat named Fred. He was a great companion too. However, was not one to go for a walk with me. It was more like a drag......me pulling the leash, him dragging behind!

  3. jojo~thanks for the fair weather wishes. It won't work here. 105 today. Aren't dogs the best?

  4. Hi Granny, Its also a good feeling to know I rescued him. I'm sure someone would have anyway but glad it was me.
    Thanks for stopping by. I hope your weather changes soon

    Hello Phyllis, I havent met to many cats who like to walk on a leash. My friend down the street here takes hers out on a leash but mostly she has to carry her. Have a good day.

    Hey Michael, hows the house coming?. See if you get it done you can be somewhere cool like this. In these pretty mountains with cool temps. :) Maybe you can make it up here for next summer and I can take you sight seeing.
    And yes dogs are the coolest.