Monday, July 25, 2011

No Deer

My friend called yesterday morning all excited about seeing a deer in the meadow behind her trailer. Then last night she called again and said there was a buck out there. Of course they had already left the meadow so I waited until this morning. I walked Fred and had some coffee or I would have not been friendly. So I went over there and looked, and waited an waited but no deer just the pretty brown horse that lives there.

One of the neighbors came by and put some wire mesh under the steps for me today as I really don't think I want to have skunks living under my porch or squirrels either as far as that goes.. I really did appreciate his help. I will make him a pie that doesn't require baking..

We have had quite a storm tonite that made the lights flash a couple times. Glad I didn't' bother fixing the clocks. The first warning was telling us that walnut sized hail was coming our way. I have already had to replace my windshield twice so I thought maybe I could put the car under the part of awning that hangs over the porch. No it wouldn't fit. Luckily no hail came but it sure has rained plenty. Not going to complain at all. I love rain. Lots of lightening and thunder too.

Maybe I will go exploring tomorrow if the weather holds out or maybe it will storm again and I can try to figure out the timing on my camera so I can catch some lightening.

Hope you all have a wonderful night.


  1. I'm glad you didn't have damage from the hail. When we have a warning of hail, we put the reflective windshield covers over the outside of the windshields on both cars. I use painters tape to hold them down and it removes easily without damaging the paint on the cars.

  2. Hi Granny, Now that is a great idea I will go buy one, I have the thin one that has wire in it so it wouldn't work at all. Thanks for the tip and coming by today.

  3. We sure could use some of that rain. My lake is down 30". I sure don't want any hail damage on my truck. We call that 'hard water damage'.

  4. Hi Michael, I sure hope you all get some rain soon. I haven't checked out the lakes lately but they sure were low here to.
    Hard water damage huh lol I really like Granny's idea.

  5. Hey Nana,

    Is that as much animal life you guys gt there, the deer?

    Hail that big SCARY! Did the windshield have to get replaced twice due to hail? That stinks maybe there's a way to put up like those tent things, I really don't know what to call them to just cover the car.

    Love you,

  6. Hi Princess, No the windshield cracked about 4 days after I got the car when a small stone flew up or off a car in front of me, they fixed it but did a bad job and the window started to crack more. Then some company came to the house and replaces the window and they did a bad job, Last year when it rained it leaked real bad and flooded the inside of the car so I had to take it to a window place and have them replace it now its all good. Never let these guys in gas stations fix your windows go to a real window dealer.

    Love you Nana