Sunday, July 24, 2011

Post 2 for Sunday/ Art Show

First yes I did get John Bader's permission to show his art. I have never seen anything quite so beautiful. The art is 3 dimensional and he created the process.
Southwestern Art & Design
John Bader

The dark line is a shadow from the awning. But the Saguaro stand out away from the scene and the mountains also are layered.

His colors are so out standing

I love this piece the colors were so vibrant and pure. The blankets actually had the texture of real woven blankets

this is a 2 piece

this is something to be seen. If you callJohn they can tell you where you can see these works.

From the looks of these pieces you would think they are very heavy, but they are very light weight and can be kept out of doors or in the house. I hope you enjoyed them as I did. Of course I was up front to actually see them and feel the texture.


  1. That's some really cool stuff. Southwestern art with a twist. I admire artists who develop their own unique styles.

  2. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing your outing with us all.

  3. Those paintings are beautiful. My favorite is the first picture with the mountains and the saguaro cactus.

  4. Hi Joe, Yes you see lots of art at these shows but this just caught me. I wish I had wall space big enough or even more the money to pay for it.
    Glad you stopped in.

    Hey 2 Tramps thanks for coming to read and see the pictures I love to share. Have a wonderful day.

    Good morning Granny. Yes that is amazing, the way the cactus stand out off the picture. What a talent.

  5. Hi, Re: my blog pictures - The coneflowers are very hardy, I do not prune them in the fall or winter, I let them go to seed. In the fall, small yellow finches sit on the flower heads and eat the seeds, but some fall to the ground. I will cut off some of the brown parts in the spring after the flowers are growing and starting to bloom again. I searched on the internet for "Native Plants of Illinois", I'm sure you can do the same for your state.