Sunday, July 24, 2011

What to do?

Time to decide what I want to do. While I love my Motor Home it has come to me that I really don't get much use out of it. I will hopefully use it this winter in Southern, AZ, But when I come up to the Northern area I leave it home. I have been to some very pretty places up here and I think I would love to spend a few days in other places but have no means. I thought maybe I could sell it and buy maybe a conversion van and then a screen room for the kitchen and outdoor living space. Then I could also sell the car no need for 2 vehicles right? One less thing to insure also. Cutting back on outgoing expenses is a good thing and then use that money to stay in State Parks.
I started thinking along these lines last summer, but this summer after being up to Big Lake and Sunrise Lake really got me to thinking more about it. Bringing the Motor Home up here is not an option since it wouldn't fit on my little lot and then I would have to pay storage and not have a car. And no I don't want to tow. :)
So any feed back from my Friends would be welcome.


  1. If you don't use it sell it...hard on it to just sit and just keeps going down in value I would think. Insurance can eat us up if we are not careful.

  2. A conversion van sounds okay, but, remember how hot the trailer was before a/c? Part of my love for RV's is sleeping under the cold a/c. How about a small travel trailer?

  3. With you having two home bases I would think a conversion van would be a good way to go. Even a regular van that you could throw a sleeping bag and Coleman stove in would work. The only problem I see is that conversion vans can be pretty pricey.

  4. Aint for City Gals, thats what I am thinking. Last winter I only used it once for about 4 days, because I was waiting to have knee surgery. Now that is done and I do have places I want to I will see.

    Hi Michael,
    I would have an a/c unit put in to plug into electric which I would also have added if it is not there already.

    Hey Joe,
    I already have all the camping stoves and other useful things for camping including the solo shower, so a regular van would work to. Maybe throw in a futon or something

    Thank you all for your input.

  5. Hi! I have had a conversion van, and also several camper vans where you can stand up in them. The camper vans can be insured as an RV, which most conversion vans can't. RV insurance is cheaper, so I often used a camper van as my every day vehicle. Some of them even had a built-in generator.

    It sure is nice having everything you need with you, like an icebox or RV fridge for when you go shopping. Also you can find a place to pull over and make a snack with the side doors wide open. Camper vans are so much easier to drive, and not having to worry about a bigger parking space for a motor home.
    No comparison to a car!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX