Thursday, July 21, 2011

Returning from Big Lake

The name of the Lake in the previous post was Crescent Lake

When we headed up to Big Lake we had to stop for only about 10 min. But this is what we found on the return, it was a 25 min. delay. We didn't think they would still be working on this road in the down pour and heavy lightening. It is such a small stretch of road being worked on. And the alternate route was still closed do to the flooding we think from the fire.

Soon after this photo was taken kids started getting out of cars, vans, and trucks. They were going nuts. And I am sure the adults were to. I swear I think I saw about 6 kids jump out of one SUV or maybe they got thrown out. lol

This is not a repeat as there were a few docks for renting boats at Big Lake

The clouds made it kind of dark out but I loved it and the air was nice and cool.

It still amazes me how the fire just stops at some places and then you have green. I' m glad it did stop.

This is the little store that sells just about everything you need for fishing and camping.

The End and on to the next adventure


  1. So amazing photos of different spot.. A wonderful adventure you can share with us!

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  2. I had to laugh at your comment about the possibility of the kids being thrown out of the SUV. Those are great pictures. I'm surprised they would have been working in that weather but then most downpours in that area don't last long do they?

  3. Hi Bucket, Welcome to my blog. I love going out and taking pictures. I hope you look into the blog as far back as you care to go and enjoy.

    Good morning Granny, I thought those kids would never stop coming out of that SUV. It was like watching one of those silly movies or commercials. It rained hard on and off that entire day but the lightening was so close.

    I hope you both have a great day.

  4. Let's hope that none of them got left behind!

    Nice little trip! Thanks for sharing it, sweetie!

  5. Hi My Special Friend,
    Glad you could make it. It was a great trip I wish I had the RV here I would have stayed a few days. Nice campgrounds.