Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy Day

I have been doing so much running around playing and having fun I let my house go and laundry. So today I settled in and got things done, at least most things. I finally got around to hanging up this shelf which meant moving other things around. Before I could do laundry had to strip the bed so now all is clean and put away. There is still more to do but as you can see from the picture below I tired out Fred with all my cleaning. He was so good and we did get in our walks in between. 
Hope you all had a great Sunday.


  1. The shelf is really cute, especially with the canoe on one side and the oars on the other side. Fred is such a cutie pie. I'm so glad you let him adopt you.

  2. But isn't it a great feeling to accomplish so much in one day?

    I just took sheets off bed and took them and a few other things to the laundry here at the campground. One washer, one dryer. I can see why! Only allowed to use cold water AND costs $2.00 to wash and $2.00 to dry. That would be okay if appliances were those big ones, but they are not. Most expensive laundry we've come across.

    Last load I do here.

  3. Hi Granny,
    I have wanted that shelf since April so I bought it before it was gone. And yes it is great that Fred let me take him home.

    Hi Phyllis, Yes it was a great feeling to get this all done.
    But $2. a wash and dry thats awful. We have 4 washers and dryers. The wash is $1. and the dryers are .75 and dry for 45 min. and I do mean dry.
    We also have hot water. I never use hot water not even at home, but the option is there.

    thanks for stopping in Ladies hope you have a wonderful day.