Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just some old Photos

I couldn't get a better photo of the old Fire Truck since it had a huge sign on the roof for a store.
I had a heck of a time trying to take this picture because of cars and to many modern things in the way, that just didn't go with this building. Like that white trailer in the back ground and all the wires.

This sign made me laugh and I may have posted it last year but it goes a long way back to when I first moved to Tucson. Its just an old joke and when I caught sight of this I had to take a picture, the sub part had nothing to do with it just the Jo Mama

Not much happening but running errands and mailing out packages. The weather has been cloudy, sunny, thunder and some lighting and very few rain drops. The temperatures are cooling down some but not a lot. The nights are great for sleeping as it cools down quite a bit, but still use a fan.
Maybe tomorrow I will go find an adventure and some new pictures.

Hope all are well and enjoying your days.


  1. As long as you keep finding some new adventure, then all is well!

    Glad you are still having a little fun, sweetie!

  2. I do hope it cools down for you down there. Afterall, it IS getting closer to fall I hear.

  3. Hi Jim long time no see. Yes keep trying to have fun.

    Hello Phyllis, It isn't bad up here in the tall pines. At this hour 7:55 pm it is 73 degrees. Had quite a storm tonite.

    Hope you both had a great day. Glad you stopped by for a read.

  4. A woman from my Silver Sneakers group and her sister stopped by a bit ago for my moving sale. Her sister lives in Tucson and she was talking about the weather there, i.e., the monsoon. I remember the monsoon mostly being on the west side of town and it bummed me because I think they're so fantastic to watch.