Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is not good

This is not what I expected from a new awning. It should have extended the screen not end at the screen.

the water was coming in so hard it knocked the Styrofoam out .

You can see where the Styrofoam was supposed to be. This water is flowing right onto the inside of the porch. I guess the floor will rot now and need to be replaced and I can assure you not by me or my pocket.

the water was also dripping over here which I had already brought to his attention, nothing was ever done to fix the problem.
Never ever trust anyone. This guy did great work last year. I understand he was ill over the winter but hey don't take on new jobs when you haven't even finished last years work.


  1. You are so right, that is not good. What ever happened to real craftsmen who cared about their work and thus their reputation?

  2. Hi Joe, I gave this guy lots of work, he did great, YAST YEAR ths year his work stinks and I will have a meeting with him. He will fix this or I will take him to court. When you pay someone to do a job I expect top of the line. Now he will have to put on a bigger awning at his cost.
    Have a great day Joe.

  3. I hope he makes it right. I hate it when people do shoddy work.

  4. Hi Granny, me too.
    Hope your day is going well.

  5. I imagine this is especially hard since he did such good work in the past. I hope you get it resolved.

  6. Hi Jeana, Yes I will look for him tomorrow to try and get this resolved soon. He was also suposed to take the tub out of the bathroom and install a walk in shower and a new toilet. All I have is a new toilet and thats because the other one cracked.