Friday, August 26, 2011

Crazy Day

Started out with the 6 am walk and then coffee and knowing it was laundry time. I hate going to a laundry mat. Have I ever mentioned that before. I think I have. Well I waited to long and all the machines were in use so I sat there and worked on a lap robe for the VA. When I finally got them in the dryer I ran home and took Fred for a quit walk and filled my travel mug with much needed coffee and went back to get the clothes.
Had a new Great Grandson today. He sure is tiny at 5lb16oz 19in . But they sent the pictures via phone so I can't show you the little guy.
My Granddaughter got married this evening at her favorite spot Gates Pass. They must  still be partying cause there aren't any pictures yet.
Had some more rain and thunder this afternoon.

Hope you all had a wonderful day.


  1. I generally like to whine about laundry day too. It doesn't help, but it makes me feel better.

  2. Ah - congrats on the new little one.

    We did laundry yesterday here at the campground too.

    I remember when I met my husband 23 years ago. He was from Louisiana. He talked about going to the Washateria. WHAT? I never heard that name. I laughed so hard. We call them Laundromats. Sure enough, when in Louisiana I see signs for the Washaterias! Still sounds funny to me and brings back memories of when we first met.

  3. When we were traveling in our motorhome I hated looking for a clean laundromat. I finally bought one of the litle countertop washing machines and we used it when we were camping in places I could hang the clothes out. It was small enough to store and easy to use.

  4. Hi John,
    I don't minds one bit at home its right there and I don't need to sit there an wait for 2hrs and hunt quarters.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Good Morning Phyllis,
    Thank you but I sure hope there won't be anymore babys for awhile. I love them all but its break time. That story is funny and I bet great memories.

    Hello Granny, Yup one of those washers is on the list for next year. I was going to do it this year but other things needed to get done. They have the ones that roll now like a dishwasher they sell them at Walmart on line.

    Thank you all for coming by this morning.