Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pine needle art and Wood carving

Today went to the nature center to see what we thought would be some educational talk about animals in the wild. But what we found were people showing there art talents. The baskets below are made from Ponderosa Pined needles and are hand woven.

These baskets are very beautiful and very high priced. But considering the work involved it is understandable.

Last week when I went to the art show here in the park one of these ladies was there. She is very talented there were some people from here in the park doing paintings in water colors and some were carving

These pieces of wood had the tiniest designs carved into them and moving doors and windows

Then there was this man with his chain saw making a bear. He also had a moose and Smokey the Bear and pig and devil

It was a great day and the weather held out for us.
Hope you enjoyed your Saturday and were not in the path of Irene 


  1. Nice pictures Jojo. I can never get enough of looking at those wood carvings. That talent has always amazed me.

  2. The pictures are wonderful. I especially love the intricate wood carvings. Glad you're having some nice weather.

  3. Hi HoboJoe, I was so amazed as I watched them do these carvings. One of the ladies said she gave lessons and I could make a piece in one day on the soft wood. Then I looked at my fingers and thought NA I need these little digits all of them. :)
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Hello Granny, Some of the carvings were so tiny it was amazing to look at all the detail that was put into some of them. The weather held out perfectly. It started to rumble as we pulled into our park.
    Thanks for stopping by for a read today. Are you in the path of this storm?

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have all that rain in Tucson? Dang! I need rain...The carvings are great. Nice blog.

  5. Hi Jo,
    No I am in the White Mountains now I spend my summers up here. I hate the heat anymore now that I am older. Just wish the rains would have come before the fires.
    Thanks for coming over to me too.

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