Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rainbows and a mean dog

You would think by now I would learn not to leave the house no matter how close I am to not forget batteriess. And to know that when the camera can't focus in and clear a picture it means low batteries. As soon as the batteries died there appeared a second rainbow.

Now this here sign is in my friends yard here at Ponderosa RV Park, can you find that dangerous dog? We have more laughs over this. Rhonda said her neighbor tried to clean it off yesterday and got bit. I may have to go back and get some better pictures now that I changed out the batteries.

Hope you all had a wonderful and restful day.


  1. JOJO, if you have to continue to pass that dangerous dog you might think of carrying some pepper spray.

  2. That dog looks dangerous to me.

  3. Catching up here...looks like you been busy enjoying yourself! Glad you decided not to sell your motor really have the best of both worlds in Az...

  4. It takes both sun and rain to see a rainbow. Course you already knew that Jojo

  5. Hi John, I think your right yesterday they discovered his chain came off the stake.
    Thanks for stopping by for a read.

    Hi Granny, they say their bite is really bad.
    Have a wonderful day.

    Hello Sheryl,
    Me to, I have 2 trips planned for when I get home. I need to call and make reservations for Catalina State park for Nov. This winter is looking better than last.

    Thanks for catching up and making it here.

    Hi HoboJoe.
    Yes I knew that, but thats OK to remind me of things. :) And yesterday was a nasty day between the heat and the humidity it was awful.

    So glad you came by with your busy schedule at sis's house.