Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stinkin Mosquitoes

Last night took Fred on a nice walk and when we reached the dog park all his friends were there. Fred had a great time and then came the mosquitoes. They darn ate me alive and we pretty much had to jog on home. I thought I was gonna die. Just didn't expect to be out there that long into dark or I would have sprayed myself.

Tonight I went to happy hour here in the park since lots of folks are pulling out tomorrow morning and a few left today. So we all got together to say good buy. Some may not return next year since they feel its time to either quit RVing or finish seeing things they always wanted to see before they quit. The couple that stayed next door to me for the past 2 yrs may not return and if they do not until Aug. its a good spot and I am sure by then someone else will have it. After happy hour Fred and I headed for our walk and I sprayed myself. When we got there it started thundering pretty good so everyone headed for home.  It finally hit about 7:30 with lots of thunder and lighting and out went the lights. They stayed out for about 20 min. here but down below they still didn't have lights around 8:30. It rained buckets.
I was thinking about getting my folding chair and sitting out on the corner so I can wave to everyone as they headed out, but it might be to wet out there and of course those rotten mosquitoes are sure to be waiting for me.

We have always had a horse or 2 in the meadow next to the park but this week there have been 4 and they are beautiful.

 These 2 are the new ones that came in last week. They are not as heavy as the other 2 and wonder if they are rescued. But they sure are big horses
Couldn't get them to turn around for pictures. These are the original 2

Oh there they  are

The one on the right is my favorite

This is the sky before the storm tonight. The storm came from the North and this is looking South


  1. How late in the fall do you stay in Greer? I'm sure some of the people have much farther to travel than you to reach hom. The mosquitos sound nasty. We've been fortunate not to have many this year even though we had some good rains.

  2. I am a sugar high to mosquitoes, they flock to me like moths to a flame. If it wasn't for deep woods off I'd be in trouble. They some how get my wife worse than me though, how strange is that?

    I'm sure a lot of people are re-thinking fulltiming because of the cost of gas. THey made claims it was going to drop $.50 in Chicago in August, instead it went up, go figure! A $1.68 in 2008 and $4.05 in 2011, ugh.

    Those horses are beautiful!! Must be nice to just walk out the door and see them, amazing.

    Oh hey, by the way, your name now comes up as a link when you comment on my blog! :)

    Have a great day!


  3. Hi Granny, I will only be in Greer for a few hours. Its almost an hour away from Lakeside. I will stay up in Lakeside until Oct. 15. after that I would have to pay by the month instead of by the season. I will go home and start traveling around southern AZ where the temps are better. And visit with my new great grand babies.

    Hello Erik,
    Yep nothing but a big sugur lump to the mosquitoes. We have noseeums here and they give a nasty bite. I will be nursing them for awhile.

    Love walking over to see the horses they have been very active galluping around that field.

    The gas thing is terrible. It went down to about 3.40 and it was supposed to come down more but then this holiday weekend popped into their stingy heads and went back up to 3.51 as of Monday don't know what it is now.

    As for followers I still can't see them I have tried ever fix people have said to try. Just glad it shows up on yours.

    Thank you both for coming over for a read this morning. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Hi Jojo, that sure is a nice area, didn't realize it was so green up there. Ok, you know I kid around a lot Jojo, but I was serious bout that deer in your picture the other day. I've seen that brown color a thousand times along tree lines. You gotta zoom in pretty good. I could be wrong Jojo, but it sure looks like a deer peekin over the left side of that back log.

  5. HoboJoe, you may be right I double clicked and it sure does looke like it. I am going to ride down there in a little while and check it out again to see if that color is still back in there if not then your right its a deer. I let you know.

  6. Watch out for those skeeters! They might just carry you off! Or the pup...!

    Started raining just a bit this morning here, lasted about 5 minutes then quit! Par for the course, I guess!

    Have a great day, sweetie!

  7. Ho Jim, they are nasty and one of the bites was infected already this morning. cleaned out real good and put neosp on it and a band aid.
    Sorry rain stopped maybe it will start agian and rain nice and soft all day.

  8. JoJo...I think it would be fun to plan a meeting for all of us who will be in Tucson at the same time. I should be there some time early October.

  9. Sounds great. I will be back in Tucson on Oct 15. Terry and I have planned to meet at Gilbert Ray on Oct.21 my e-mail is in my profile if you want to contact me and then we can take it from there. I'm not sure if Terry's husband will join us but that's OK either way with me.