Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Little of this and a little of that

First to my buddy HoboJoe, I went back today like I promised. I found the other fallen tree and it was the inside of the tree not a deer. Sorry. I guess that tree has fallen in  recent months as the inside is still a light color, may have been a victim of bark beetle.

Lots of friends left today so it was early morning walking to say good bye again. In all 6 RVs pulled out today and more will pull out on Sunday. It will get very quiet around here.

Tomorrow I will take a drive up to Greer to visit the Butterfly Museum before it closes for the season and have lunch with my friend Bobbie.

Took some pictures of Woodland Lake today. I don't know why I torture myself like this.

To the left of the photo where the tree stands the water used to come almost all the way to that tree.

I took a picture of the fishing pier I have no idea what they are trying to catch. Maybe it just gives them something to do. At he edge of the water it is now just muck, and all the green used to be under water.

I don't think anyone can launch a boat from here anymore.
At the bottom its nasty green gunk and muck

The brown on the far side was the water line in April of this year.

So to console myself I went to visit some of the local shops. I love this man made of all computer parts.

Check out the sun flowers peeking over the fence. The fence is 6 ft.

That's all for this evening.
Hope you all had a great day.


  1. I guess they arent' fishing after all they also just stare at what it has become.

  2. I like to pretend I still have good eyes. Guess you were right about my imagination Jojo, at least I got one thing that's still good :) How much I owe you for gas?

  3. By the way Jojo, that's the first time I've ever seen a fence with windows.

  4. Love the "computer man!" Quite creative!!
    I have never seen a fence with windows either....again quite creative!!

    The water has really disappeared!! How sad!!

  5. Hi HoboJoe, Well I really thought you might be right, you peaked my imagination and let me tell you it doesn't take much. :)The park is only 1/2 ml from my place no charge for the gas.

    Hello Happytrails,
    That fence is really neat. It encloses a court yard that they hope to have ready by next summer for having lunch or coffee. This building has been many things I hear. Now it houses all kinds of neat little shops. Antiques, bathsoaps,Bouteque, coffee shop with sandwiches, bakery and there is now an upper level which I haven't seen yet. All items are from local crafts people excluding the antiques if course.

    Thank you both for stopping by.

  6. I hope northern Arizona gets some good rains to fill the lakes up again. The water situation is serious. Love the fence with the windows and flowerboxes.

  7. Hi Granny, Rain is not the problem here. We have had lots n lots of rain they are draining the lake. It is privately owned by a pumping company.

    Thanks for stopping by hope you have a wonderful weekend. Are you going to BBQ?

  8. I like the computer guy, too. From the sign with the business names, it looks like a place I'd be interested in visiting. Maybe someday.

  9. Just hate seeing once lovely forests, lakes, etc. being destroyed for whatever reason. In our hometown back in NJ, three lakes were lost due to recent flooding and dams breaking causing the water to drain into the bay.

  10. Hi Jeana,
    You could take a drive up here next summer when an if you want to get out of the Tucson heat. There are many camp grounds and RV Parks up here.

    Hi Phyllis,
    It is so sad,where in NJ did this happen? My sister is there now for her daughters wedding and she couldn't believe the destruction. Homes flood out trees down no electric.

    Thanks You Ladies for stopping by.