Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a storm

Last night or very early morning I woke up to a sound. At first I couldn't figure it out. Then the lightening lit the place up like a flood light and then came the biggest boom of thunder I ever heard. That happened a few more times and I just went back to sleep. It really poured and that crappy awning really leaked good, even the table on the porch was full of water. Later this afternoon I heard lightening hit a tree at the bottom of the Park, I took a ride down there but didn't see anything.  Weather report said maybe we will get it again tonight. The lightening is getting a little to close for comfort now. We lose power so often its starting to be a pain in the rear. I don't even reset the microwave anymore. And the worse part is its mostly just a flash and that's all it takes to set off the alarm clock and the microwave. Every thing else is fine.  All my pretty flowers are dead from drowning in to  much water. I have had to drill holes in the planters but it didn't help. I am really bumbed about that. I am going to replace them with fake ones, haha.

There was and article in the White Mountain Independent News Paper about Woodland Lake and how it came to be. It was started in 1897 as an irrigation system way back then. Its to long to go into on this blog. But it never mentions why it is being drained at this time. Like I said in my earlier post I will look into it.

I hope you all had a very enjoyable week end and a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Love thunderstorms, but they need to keep their distance. I don't understand why a retired person has an alarm clock though. I use a calendar and that's close enough.

  2. I'm glad the only damage you had from the storm was the leaky awning. Have you heard back from the contractor? I'm sure you want it repaired before you leave for the winter.

    We have an alarm clock but haven't set it in years. Ours always has to be reset when we have a temporary power outage as does the microwave.

  3. Hey Joe, I don't set the alarm but use the clock to know what time it is. I didn't mean I set the alarm my bad. :) I should go buy the old fashion kind that is not digital. I bet in a flash outage it wouldn't need to be reset. I hate looking at the calendar it tells me how fast the season is ending.

    Hi Granny, I haven't seen the contractor yet so I will just go to his house and take care of it today.

    Thanks for coming over for a read this morning and have a wonderful day.

  4. I love thunder and lightning and wish I'd been there to experience it. By the time I get there in October it'll be too late.