Saturday, September 10, 2011

It didn't work

Today started out really good. Went to Fort Apache. The weather was great. Took lots of pictures. Had some strange things showing up on the view screen so I played around then found a thing that said restore to original default. I clicked everything looked good. Get home go to down load pictures nothing, lost all the pictures. Then I go to get on the blogger and nope doesn't work. So now I am on password 11. If the system shuts down I will have to create a new password again. SOOooo Erik I guess I need your help. You can e-mail me @ and I will send you my phone number or vs. Thanks, I know you are probably sleeping at this time in Chicago. I will be gone most of tomorrow on a trip to hopefully see some elk.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Hope I don't ruin any more pictures.


  1. Three for me, Feeling your pain!

  2. I am trusting you will find the assistance in fixing all these issues. Let's all say FRUSTRATION!

  3. Hi John, I hope today will be better. Of course another trip to Ft. Apache won't hurt much. It so beautiful.

    HoboJoe, At least I am not alone. I read another blog that is having a similar problem so its not us it google, blogger thing and I have to keep reminding myself its free.

    Hello Phyllis, yes it is FRUSTRATING! But what ever the problem I see more people are having it.

    Thank you all for coming by for a read this morning.