Friday, September 9, 2011

Something may have worked

Something may have worked. But not for the the printer still couldn't get it to work. I had to write letters so I had to set up the old computer, which I am going to drop  off tomorrow to see if they can't clean it up it must have a virus cause the only thing that is messed up is the internet. I was able to type and print my letters. It was slow but it worked I was also able to print out some pictures to send with the letters.
( just have to send brag pictures you know). 

OK now for the today, I woke up to a cool 54 degrees. Fred and I took a very brisk walk and he did his thing and turned around and brought me home. That nice hot cup of coffee sure was good, so was the second one, my cups hold 3 cups of coffee, this way you don't have to jump up and down to refill. And no the coffee doesn't get cold I have one of those candle warmer things they work better than the ones for coffee. 
It rained most of the day which made it feel colder due to the dampness. Had to turn on the fake fire place to take the chill out. Around 3pm the sun came out and it warmed up pretty good for about 1 1/2  then it started to drizzle again. I had to turn on the fake fire place again about 8 pm I will shut it down before I go to bed.

There is a high school up the road and I guess they are having a game tonite cause I can hear the the crowd yelling and the drums. Every now an then you can hear an announcement but cant understand. Must be a pretty muddy game.

Haven't taken any pictures these past few days as I haven't been anywhere. Hope to go somewhere in the next few days.

Lets hope this blogger problem is solved now and Thanks to all who had some kind of fix to try. Erik I really appreciate your offer. I still may take you up that offer if this fails again.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow or when ever you read this.


  1. Sounds like there is more going on than a problem with Google/Blogger. Let me know if I can help, this is what I do for a living. ;)

    Your Google account isn't gone, we'll get it sorted out, for instance you're logged onto Google to create this new post. Unless I'm missing something.


  2. Hi Erik, go back I changed the post. LOL And thanks again. I really do apprciate your willingness to help.

  3. I too hope your computer problem is solved. I also made part of my living on computers in a previous life and they can sure make you scratch your head.

  4. Hi John, Yes this has been a real drain, I still can't get the printer to work and I really need for that to work I print out the picture I take for people or just for myself also the letters I write,
    Thanks for coming by today for a read.