Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day 2

I now have encountered another problem with blogger. I can't seem to comment on other blogs. GRRrrrrrrrrrrrr

I have no idea if I can make the pictures download. I had to buy a new lap top this morning and I'm having some problems get the printer to work and who knows what else. I could only find a Toshiba at Walmart since they don't have Best Buy up here. I had hoped the other one would last until I got home but now such luck.
So here goes. OH and I can now see my followers again. Just can figure out how to bring the blogs I read up higher but I won't worry about that right now.

 Just a little something I picked up that kind of says it all.
 The pictures are not in order since I never marked where I left off thinking I would be pulling them from the other computer. I had to down load themon a thumb drive to get them. This is on the way back from Greer. The mountains are Sunrise Ski slopes. On a good day you can see the slopes.

These old cattle loaders I can not think of the right name at this time.
Are all over the White Mountains I just love them. The more they are falling apart the more I love them.
 The storm was moving in on me, but I couldn't resist pulling over to take pictures.

 Now back to Greer photos.
This old sleigh was just sitting there on the side of the road. Any one for a ride, well maybe we need snow and some horses. Maybe that wouldn't even help
 Now this one is in better shape and the little buggy behind it was kind of neat too but a car wanted to pass so I had to move on.
Greer is now in danger of flooding due to the fire. There are so many little creeks that run all through the town, they are running bank to bank and so sand bags are everywhere.

That's all there is folks. I hope tomorrow I can figure out the rest of the problems. Haven't been able to get the printer working yet.
Sometimes you just have to walk away and if that doesn't help call some one for HELP!


  1. I think you sign displays the proper attitude. Really like you mountain pictures. Good luck on getting the new computer up and running. That's always a challenge.

  2. This is the email address of a place we sent our laptop for repair. They're very fast and dependable and most repairs are $99 plus shipping. If you describe the problem with the laptop in the email they can almost always diagnose the problem and tell you what it will cost. That way you could have your old laptop for a backup.


  3. Technology!! We experienced some of the blogger problems you described. I couldn't post on several blogs for awhile but I think it just went away....not having that problem now. On the other hand my "counter" decided to just go blank. Now I have a little box with an x in it. Oh well.

    Love your pictures....especially the sleigh. I also love old barns. The older and more falling down the better. You had a very picturesque drive!!

  4. Hi John, I love taking pictures of Nature, and old things.
    This is really giving me fits for some reason. May have to call for help soon.
    Thanks for stopping in.

  5. Hi Granny, YEA I finally got it to work. For some reason I had to re do my google account and then they use all those silly letters that old eyes can't read. Thanks for that e-mail address. I may send my old lap top to then, if it can be fixed maybe one of the grandkids need it for school.

  6. Hi Happytrails, I couldnt even comment on my own blog. Glad I got this working. Now if I can figure out why my printer won't work.
    I love all thise old barns, cattle shoots, old cabins and old cars and trucks. Do you think its cause I'm old? haha

  7. JOJO...the bowling balls are not going in my motorhome. I'm renting a PODS to put my stuff in and they're moving it to Tucson, bowling balls included.

  8. OH OK I just didn't want you to have a problem with weight. I forgot about the PODS.