Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunny Rain

Had the dreaded laundry day got there at 6:15am after putting my close in the dryer I ran home and did a few things and went back up. Went to check the dryers and one of them had an open door. If that didn't make me angry so I had to put in another .75 took home what was dry put it away and went back. So Fred and I took a nice long walk and then I finished putting away the rest of the laundry and worked out a few more bugs on the computer but still can't print. I will ask Larry the computer guy to come and check it out.

As we were taking another walk I noticed some nasty dark clouds coming in. It took about another 2 hours for them to hit with thunder. And soon this is what we got...

Yep that's rain alright and sun

It was great and lasted for about 20 min. I love storms and boy we have had them this monsoon season. As a matter of fact we kind of thought they were over, but they came back strong.

Hope your week is going just grand so far.


  1. I'm sick of the rain in Seattle. I love a monsoon in Tucson. Go figure.

  2. Your fist picture on the left side looked like snow at first. Way too early for that. About your printer, you might check the manufactures site and see if they have updated software for your printer. That was the first place I looked when I had my computer store.

  3. Boy Jojo, to bad you couldn't send some a that rain down Texas way. I like your sign picture from yesterday. Like that little plant below it too. Aloe Vera?

  4. Hi All, If I can't log in again after 3 days of this nonsence please no I will no longer be blogging. For some reason Google and or Blogger can't seem to keep my account straight and I am fed up with this. I will miss blogging but the agrivation is not worth it.