Monday, September 26, 2011

More Cars

Today I saw a few more cars but didn't bring the camera. But I think the best of them left town yesterday and early this morning.

This is Chantilly Lace

This one it waiting its turn to be all fixed up. I remember when I was young the older guys all seemed to drive these cars. Older as in there teens like 17-19 and no they weren't new either.
So this yellow seems to be a big color on a lot of these older cars and trucks. Since most of these are from way before my time was yellow a big color then? Anyone know the answer to this. I am not saying any of you are of that age but guys and some ladies may know the answer.


  1. To answer the question posed. I don't think yellow was even an option when these cars were made. The colors available were mostly basic dark, black, blue, grey and green. Not much imagination back then. Going back to the Model T, Henry Ford said you could have it in any color you wanted as long as it was black.

  2. Yellow and red are classic hot rod colors. When I was a kid everybody had some old car, usually in grey or black primer. We spent what little money we had on making it go fast. Now days they call ugly but fast old cars... rat rods.

  3. My first car was a 53 Mercury - turquoise. My brother has a Model T truck and a 69 GTO - Blue with white interior. A real beauty.

    If we were stationary, Leonard would love to have a classic car. These car club members seem to have a lot of fun showing off their beauties.

  4. If it wasn't for our commitment to RV'ing, I would have a classic in the garage again but with RV'ing my wife and I get equal enjoyment where with the cars I felt it was a bit unfair to her for me to have all the fun.

    Funny thing now is, if there was an RV show by enthusiasts I would be just as interested as the car show, funny 'eh?

    More great pictures to ogle over, thanks JoJo!


  5. Hello John,
    I didn't think there was many colors out there then. I have lots of pictures from my very early childhood and all the cars seemed to be black. Of course the pictures are all black an white. DAH!
    Thanks for stopping by for a read.

    Good morning Hobo,
    Now the primer in black I remember on those old Fords and Mercs. And yes they spent so much money on the cars they didn't have any for gas. LOL. And what was it then .35 gl. or less.
    Thanks for stopping in this morning.

    Hello Phyllis,
    My first car was a 58 chevy with a spot light on the door. That light got me into lots of trouble too. My dad made me take it off per the police.
    But yes those guys take lots of pride in showing there cars. If they are around I always ask if I may take pictures and they get all puffy in the chest and of course they let you snap away.
    Thank you for coming by for a read today.

    Hi Erik,
    Your choice was one of consideration for your wife and I admire that.
    But I understand about the RV Show that would be great to see how people fix them up to match their life styles.
    Thanks for showing up here today.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day.

  6. Hello, all the way from Regina, Saskatchewan.

    Thank you so much for your comments on our new Blog. It is so exciting to get a comment when you are brand new !!

    We will catch up on your blog !!

    Have an awesome day...... TnT

  7. Hello Trent and Teresa,
    I know it is a different world here at blog land. I can't wait to see all your adventures went you get started.
    Glad you joined my blog too. Have a wonderful day.