Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Card Game

Today I wanted to get Fred in the car to get him used to riding in his pet taxi for the ride to Tucson. He whined for a few minutes and a command made him stop. We drove to Show Low as I have been wanting to take the following pictures.  I took him out with me and he was very happy. I carried water and a bowl for him and he wasn't interested in the water just smelling everything. He did great on the way home and I stopped to take other pictures.

Can you imagine 100,000 acres not being enough room for 2 family's to share. But then again if your raising cattle it very well might be to small.

Now in the  above pictures the sky  is so clear and blue. As I headed back to Lakeside the sky was getting a little ugly. I had only gone about 2 miles down the road.

But we made it home in time to not get caught in the rain and take Fred for a good walk. Of course it didn't rain very hard or very much. But it sure looked bad. I have been caught on this road in a bad down pour and it is not a good place to be. The water just rushes right down the hill at you when your heading East.

Hope you enjoy the little story.


  1. Great piece of trivia...the Show Low story. I love the way some towns got their names. I'm still trying to figure out Gnaw Bone, Indiana though.

  2. Hi John,
    It is strange and this State is full of crazy names. Gnaw Bone sounds grizzle.
    There is a History.com where all kinds of things can be found.

    Thanks for stopping by this morning.

  3. Always up for a good western cowboy tale :) From what I have seen out there, it takes many acres to feed one cow. I'm planning to come back again .... just to check it out and see if it's still so ;-)

  4. Looks like fun! Great pictures and story. :)~


  5. Hello Sunny, There is still so much wide open spaces up here in the White Mountains. If you come up between April 15 and Oct 15 I will be happy to show you around. I hope you get on the road soon.
    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Hi Erik,
    I love Western History. I have so many books I can open a store. haha
    Glad you came over for a read today.

  6. I really like that statue and the story! History is a lot of fun, isn't it?

    Mean looking clouds there! Glad you made it back home before the bad weather came in!

    I think Fred will do just fine on the trip!

  7. Hi Jim,
    The statue is really neat.
    I'm glad I got back before it hit to.
    I think Fred will do just great. I will continure to take him out on rides until we leave.

    Thanks for stopping by today.