Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Fixed Stuff

I have been procrastinating for weeks now to get things finished around here. I made myself go to Home Depot today and get the supplies. I have a door in the bathroom that I don't know if it was a closet at one time or what. It now houses the hot water heater and my clothes hamper. Since it started its life as a travel trailer it has those push button knobs to open the door. This one would not always open and so I finally removed it, Once I did that the door wouldn't stay closed and the knob fell off when you pulled on it. I picked up a new knob and a  door hasp or what ever its called. Fixed. Also some previous owner put a towel bar on this door that was in the way of the vanity. So I finally took that off. Now I have to sand it down and fill the screw holes and touch up the paint. I picked up the brushes for that job and others today also.
I need to finish painting the outside of the porch I hope to start that project tomorrow.

And how was your day?


  1. Pretty much exactly like yours Jojo, including the trip to Home Depot. I didn't realize the Tin Can Cabin used to be a travel trailer.

  2. Now I know where to head to when I need repairs. Congratulations on being so handy.

  3. Hello John,
    I learned many things from my dad, and my husband. I may not do as good a job as they did but I can get by. :)
    Thanks for coming over this morning.

  4. What happened to my comment I left last night? Now I can't remember exactly what I said, but it was close to this. My day was about the same as yours Jojo, including that trip to Home Depot. The ole Tin Can Cabin must be looking good with all your work. I didn't realize it use to be a travel trailer.

    That's pretty close to what I said, but I aint had my coffee yet JJ :)

  5. HAHAHA I don't know either but thanks for coming back. It's a 74 Travel EZE they quit making them in the late 80s I believe. This place has good bones. It had newer wiring which would have killed the sale if it didn't, newer plumbing and a great roof added on. I had to do a lot of TLC work since it had been abandoned for about 2 yrs. I love this little place. It is also possible to live in it all year round. But I don't do snow.