Thursday, September 29, 2011

Working on my projects

I really had to force myself to get to work today. I sanded down the screw holes from the old towel rack.  I touched up the porch on the inside and around the door on the outside. I need to sweep off the spider webs on the outside of the porch around the side before I paint that and paint the trim pieces to go around the new screen that was put up in June.  The Old Grey Mare ain't what she used to be.

More folks are pulling out tomorrow and more on Sat. and Sunday. There will only be a hand full of us left. The die hards that we are.

Oh and I don't think I mentioned yesterday that I also put a small shelf next to the bed for a box of Kleenex. Last year I put one up for the clock and my book. You can't put a night stand next to the bed the room is to small and to make the bed you have to move it to one side. I hung the shelf just high enough for the bed to clear it works perfect. The new shelf hangs above the first.

Short post tonight the old girl needs rest.
Good Night Friends


  1. Here's a trick for you. Don't post about work projects until they're done. That way you're not obligated to finish them until you're ready.

  2. Thanks for the tip, you may be right on with it. I am just sitting here drinking coffee thinking about getting a move on. One more cup should do it. :)

    I tried to leave a comment last night but they would just disapear heard others complaining about that to.

  3. The old grey mare aint what she used to be... Nope, she's gettin' better with every passing year.

  4. A HoboJoe your are just to kind.
    glad you stopped by today.