Friday, September 30, 2011

Saying more good byes

I did some painting today but didn't want to get all tired out. But all the painting inside is done. And the inside of the porch is done. Started to take things down to put away in the shed for the winter.

Went to dinner with my neighbors and some others who will be pulling out tomorrow. We had fun. It's so strange that most of these people live in Tucson and we never see each other or didn't even know each other until I came up here last year and bought my Tin Can Cabin. Tonight I spent the evening with the cream of the crop. I will miss them until next April.

I set up my old lap top today also. I figure I will leave it up here and of course take the new home and use that for when I travel. The broadband card will work better on windows 7 that on vista. The guy who cleaned up this system and made it work again said it was a great computer. Well Jim I love ya but this thing can drive me crazy still. And I am still convinced its days are numbered. It jumps up and down and is to slow. But for now it is alive so I will continue to use it and I will still bring up the new one just in case.

The weather here is turning into a real Autumn. It is getting quite chilly again and this time I don't think it will warm up to the low 80's anymore. I see some mid 70's to 58 for day highs and 45-36 for night highs. Also we have been having rains in the afternoons again. And seems like it will be that way for a least a few more days.

Hope your weather is pleasant and the heat is over with now. My kids may get to see me home by Oct. 15 if it cools down in Tucson.


  1. You're talking about head south temperature. My target date for south Texas is October 15th, too.

  2. Good morning John, Yes heading South to Tucson. I was checking the monthly weather and it isn't looking to good. They are predicting 100 degree weather for the end of Oct. I may see what I can work out to stay until Nov 1. The forecast for here is really nice. Cold nights but perfect days.
    I hope you find better weather.
    Thanks for coming by as always.

  3. Hi JOJO. We are slowly getting caught up on your blog. We are so impressed with your writing and photos, and the fact that you didn't grow up in the computer generation, yet you have taught yourself how to operate such an entertaining blog.

    You are quite the handywoman as well. We sure admire your independent spirit !!

    Take care, and lets hope we can meet up this winter some time.....TnT

  4. Hi TnT,
    Your flattery will get you far with me. LOL
    I jsut write the way I see it and I can't spell so thank you spell check. And my grammer is awful. But I am here to have fun and express what ever I have to say.
    My fixit I learned from my dad and my lost husband. My dad could fix anthing and build really neat gadgets. I wish I could do as much as I used to but I will do what I can for now.
    I really hope to meet you both too.
    thanks for coming by.

  5. "I wish I could do as much as I used to, but I will do what I can for now"

    Think I'm gonna hang that up someplace for inspiration JJ. Probbly' on a certain out of commission bathroom wall :)