Saturday, October 1, 2011

Old Things

NO not me!
I haven't been doing much so I drove around the park to get some pictures of  very old trees and trees that look like they have a bad case of warts. But I find them interesting.

 I was told that this tree fell about 3 years ago and fell on a trailer parked there. It had beetles in it

This tree is the wart tree its hard to get a good shot of it maybe when the trailer pulls out I can get around it better. There was a park model to the left of this tree that some one bought and removed. I don't know how long after that the electric pole fell onto the tree. There is another one down the street that was knocked down but a huge 5th wheel flying down the street.

 I am going to try and get out tomorrow and get some pictures but don't hold me to it OK Thanks


  1. Looks like that poor old tree had a tough life, Lots of character though.

  2. Wow = looks like one dangerous place. I absolutely know with our luck at least one tree and a pole for sure would drop on our rig.

  3. Hi John,
    Yes some of these trees are really old and have been struck by lighting a few times. I was hoping to get more shots today but it is pouring down rain. Fred and I got out and in just in time. Going to be an indoor day for sure.
    Hope you have a good one and thanks for coming by.

    Hello Phyllis,
    On closer inspection of the poles I see that they were nothing more than 4x4's and the bottoms were all rotted out anyway. But I can see your worry. I had some heavy dead wood fall off a tree over head and hit my awening, I thought a whole tree hit the house it was so loud.
    Thanks for coming by today.