Sunday, October 2, 2011

A day to stay warm

First I keep forgetting to tell you I saw a cattle drive. We were on our way to dinner the other night and someone in the car noticed the round up. It was really neat to watch.  We had hoped to be able to watch it all but traffic was starting to come our way and we had to move on. There were dogs and riders on horses.

It rained almost all day and the temps never reached more that 58 and that high only lasted about 1 hr. Other than that it stayed around 54. The sun came out around 2pm and by 3 it was thundering and raining again. While the sun was out Fred and I took a nice long walk. I stayed in sweats all day.

The Park is really starting to empty out on my block I believe there are only 4 of us and maybe about 6 down the bottom of the hill and some of them live here all year round. I guess we are the die hart gang.

I hope your all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. About 87 with 90% humidity here, so 54 sounds pretty good to me JJ.

  2. It was 36º here yesterday morning and warmed up to 60º. Makes me miss Arizona weather this time of year.

  3. Hey Hobo, I'm not complainin about the temp. I love this weather. I just wish the rain would let up so I can finish my painting before I go to Tucson. Hope your doin better today. :)
    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Hi Granny, The mornings are quite that cold up here yet but by time I leave they will. I have to admitt you can't beat the weather in Tucson in the winter.
    I'm glad you stopped by this morning for a read. Have a great day.

  4. Hi JoJo, thanks for your encouraging comments on my rv tire problem. I dont usually let things get me down, but I really was having second thoughts there. Buying that rv was the first big decision I had made on my own since losing my husband in June. I have a tire man coming this morning to look at the situation.

    Love your tree pictures in the last post. I love looking at the different bark patterns. Hope to maybe meet you someday. I plan to be down in Tucson in Jan or Feb visiting my brother and SIL.

  5. Hi Sunny,
    I will be there then for sure. I will be looking forward to meeting some of our blogger friends there this winter.
    I know that first big decision is always so scary but you made the right choice. It will happen, just need to work out some of the bugs. I have had a few set backs with mine as well. I wonder what I will find when I get back after mine has been sitting for 6 mths.
    I'm happy you stopped by today.