Monday, October 3, 2011

Shopping Day

I had to go to Wally World today to pick up some items for around this place and a few food staples.

As I am sitting here I could hear drops hitting the window. Now it is raining a little harder but it is a soothing sound. If I don't finish this post its cause the rain has put me to sleep.

I picked up some brad nails and hung up the trim around the new screen but I realized there wasn't enough. I walked around to the back of the trailer and there it was and it was unpainted. No biggy I had some paint in a container and it is now painted. I'm glad I put it under the eve so it can dry. But it sure is looking better with the trim  on.  I wanted to finish the paint in the container so I did more painting on the outside of the porch. Its amazing how much it changes the look of the place so much brighter and cleaner. If its nice tomorrow I will finish.

As Fred and I walked around today, it is so bare here. Lots of places stay like mine but so many of the spaces are empty.  More pulled out today and on Friday more will leave. But their places stay.

Time to read a few lines in my book before I fall into a nice comfy sleep.
Pleasant dreams all.


  1. Your rain just reached Elephant Butte right at bedtime, should be good sleeping tonight. Thanks for forwarding it.

  2. Hello John,
    Your welcome. I didn't get much reading done thats for sure.
    Thanks for stopping by today. And hope its a good one.

  3. I hope you slept well, I love it when it rains when we're camping. It's so soothing, could have used it last night at home, didn't get any sleep at all...


  4. Hi Erik,
    I slept really well. I feel bad to even tell you that. Sorry to hear about your back pain and not sleepig well. That really can be a real bumber. I sure hope you can find a Dr. to help you soon. 2 of my kids have bad backs from accidents. My daughters problem comes and goes but my son's seems to go on all the time.
    Thanks for stopping by for a read today.