Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You might can say this was a crappy day

Woke up at 6 am as usual. It was dark. Yes I know its darker now but it was dark.AAHH clouds again and chilly. We went for a very short walk as it started raining. Boy that hot coffee felt good. After a cup I jumped in the shower thinking it would clear up and I could take some pictures. Made some breakfast and off for a longer walk. The clouds had departed but it didn't last long. So we came back and jumped in the car to take pictures. Fred why didn't you remind me to bring the camera case. Batteries went dead. Came back and changed out the batteries and grabbed the extras. It started clouding up really bad and I could hear the rumbling in the distance. It wasn't long before the rain came back. And the temperature today was supposed to be in the mid 70's.  Never made it past 65.

We just hung around the house and went on quick walks.

Around maybe 2:30 the manager knocked on the door to say they had a water line break and would have to shut down the water for a while. I sure am glad I keep water in the fridge bottled and gallon. I felt bad for those guys as the rain fell hard and cold. About 4 I saw them leave the area.
The lightening started just as we headed out for a quick walk and boom. I thought poor Fred was going to run through the closed screen and drag me along with him. Fred made a be line for his crate. He hasn't come out since but is snoring like always.

The water came back on about 7:30 pm.  Right after that we had hail and I mean big hail. I sure hope my windshield is OK.

But now for some pictures.

Look how pretty the sky looks here but it sure didn't stay that way for long.      

Yes these are eating apples, I didn't know that until the other day when someone was eating one. The Park is full of apples trees. These look really good I think I will have to try some out.

The Aspen are starting to turn but I think all the leaves with fall off before they turn another color.

A few days ago I photographed this tree from the other side. At the time there was a trailer parked here. They moved it out yesterday so I was able to get this side today.

Poor Fred is wondering what happened to all his friends and the nice guy that lived next door and gave him lots of bones.

These spaces were full of RVs. The ones you see are stationed here but are now empty, until next season.

If the weather holds out tomorrow I am supposed to go to the Hole in The Wall and hopefully get some great pictures. But it doesn't look to good. Weather is calling for high winds and 60 degrees and of course cloudy.
So we shall see. I know it calls for  beautiful weather next week.


  1. OK, you can stop sending weather now. We had a ferocious thunderstorm with lightening like I haven't seen for a long time.

  2. Hey John,
    But I was taught to share!
    Believe me I think I have had enough rain. I don't mind the cool temps. it was 44 this morning and we are now at 46 but should get lots of wind.
    Got to make the best of it.

  3. I know what ya mean about a crappy day JJ. I also know exactly how Fred's feeling in that picture. Well, tomorrows another day on this journey we call life, aint it JJ :)

  4. Hi, JOJO,

    I'll be catching up and following you, too. I have so much reading to catch up with. I think travel blogs are so interesting - learn a lot. (hobopals)

  5. Hi Hobo,
    Today was pretty cold and I went out and bought a couple more pair of sweat pants I had 3 pair but one was so huge they came under my arm pits and I walked all over the bottoms a got them full of mud LOL I post tomorrow's forcast later.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello Jack and Welcome to my mad house.
    I tried to figure out how to make it easier to go back but I am not that good at this.