Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chilly oh yes

Today it was quite chilly OK it was down right cold. I don't care what the weather channels told you the temp was I am telling you it was 54 all day. With all the rain we have had it made it feel colder due to the dampness. We didn't have much sun either, and it was windy.

I had 3 pair of sweat pants up here, but one pair was really large. The waist band came under my arm pits and I was dragging them all over the ground and the mud. So I ran over to the Family Dollar and picked up 2 pair in the right size. They're a lot more comfy and warmer than jeans. And I'm glad I bought that heavy hoody the other with the fake sheep's wool. My ears were cold and I was going to make myself a beeny but couldn't find the pattern. Then I thought I should have one, sure enough I did ,that made a big difference when out with Fred.

Want to go fishing?  This I believe is called a creel it is only 2 1/2 in. tall now I need to find some little fish to put in it.

Yes poor Fred is still looking for his friends.

Tomorrow doesn't look much warmer.
Tomorrow's High 45 and thunder showers.

Of course we didn't get to Hole in the Wall since we didn't feel like getting stuck in a down pour and you can only eat outside. Who wants a frozen burger?
I will start putting things in the shed from out front and the porch. Next week looks like it will warm up really nice so if I am done doing prep for leaving I can play all week. Hope to head up to Sunrise, Big Lake and Greer to check out the changing of the leaves.
Stay warm and I will hope to have more pictures tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like it's getting close to time to head to the valley.

  2. Good Morning John,
    Yes it is next Friday or Saturday is the day. It is raining again and 44 degress. I don't mind to much I need to get things done around the here. Start gathering up what goes back to Tucson.
    Thanks for stopping by this morning, or I see that was last night.

  3. Poor ol' Fred looks a little lost!

    Hope you get everything all done and enjoy the play time you have left! Be sure to always take the time to enjoy life, sweetie!

  4. Had a good laugh visualizing you walking through the mud with sweatpants up to your armpits. Sorry JJ, but that's funny :)

  5. Hi Jim,
    Yes he is really missing all his buddies. but maybe when we get home he will have some new friends. I alway take time to have that my middle name, or is it trouble? :)

    Thanks for coming by today.

    HI Hobo,
    It was meant to make you laugh for sure. And it did I'm happy when I make people laugh or at least make them happy.

    I'm glad you had time to come for a read today.

  6. Jim that should have read I always take the time to have fun. SHEESH I must have brain freeze from all this cold weather

  7. I love wearing sweats when it's cold out. I only have two pair that fit right so I'm also in the market for a couple of pair. The hoody sounds nice.