Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freeze Warning and these aren't leaves?

Posting like this if very odd looking to me, I don't like the way I set it up but maybe next time if I do it again.

It is 9:19 temp 41 degrees still raining but only slightly. I was hoping for at least the sun to shine tomorrow. It could be cold but sunny that would be the ticket.
But no not to be, the high tomorrow while warmer than today will be 50 degrees and more rain in the afternoon. I am hoping to get to the store before that, baring no ice on the roads as tonite they are calling for a freeze. I have opened the cabinets under the sinks and letting the water drip.

I couldn't get anything put in the shed because of mud and puddles. I put stuff under the over hang of the awning in front so they can at least dry out some. I guess it was very windy also as the screen door was open a few times when I went out on the porch so I will keep it latched. Don't need to have Fred run out without a leash . Of course if its raining that won't happen.

It must have been really windy. I picked up this pot earlier and did not return it to the stand thinking that would keep it from blowing over again. Not true and the bird bath has been blown over as well. I moved the plant under the awning as I am taking it back to Tucson it will bloom over the the winter if it doesn't freeze there.

If you recall I took a picture of this same spot the other day and these pine needles where not this bad. In some areas people are raking up leaves here we rake up pine needles.

I'm not going out there I don't care what you put on me.

Not even this added harness is making me want to go out there it's cold and raining

Now this is more like it right in front of the heater and the make believe fire. And take all this junk off me. Please

It is now 5:30 pm and it is still raining and it is still 43 degrees.
It has been tough trying to get Fred to go out. I put his sweater on and then a heavy padded harness over that for added protection. It didn't matter he didn't want to go. So when there was a slow down in the rain we made a beeline for the yard. He still wasn't happy but he sure couldn't hold it anymore. He is now right in front of the make believe fire place sucking up all the heat. What nerve.
I have to shut it off now so I can heat up my dinner or trip the switch again and I am not going out there again to reach into that nasty what they call a trunk to get to the switch.
It is still calling for more rain tomorrow but at least it says 54degrees. I will hit up Walmart as soon as I can get ready and pick up a heavier jacket for Fred.

I decided to start this post this morning.
It is really cold this morning and raining again. And raining hard too.
Fred and I are closed into the bedroom, computer room so we don't have to turn on both heaters. Its very damp and it goes right through to your bones. Its 44 degrees but because of the rain it seems colder. We are under a freeze warning for tonite and also for Saturday. So I will have to keep both electric heater going and the cabinet doors open under the sinks. and I hope I don't forget to let the faucets drip.
I will use the day to prepare for going home next week. I don't have much to take home but it needs to be put in one place so as not to leave anything important behind.
OH why don't I remember things.  I had both heaters on and then turned on the microwave. POOF blew the circuit. Sure glad the rain had stopped had to go around the back of the trailer to flip the switch. I think I will have that changed out next summer.

Well its time to crawl into bed and read for a few lines anyway.
Hope you all have pleasant weather.


  1. Sure looks like Fred's ready to hit the road back to Tuscon. I'm glad you're gonna fix the electrical issues next summer, overloaded circuits are not good Jojo. Shouldn't cost much to have an electrician run you an extra 20amp line just for your microwave. And when the grounds wet, please use something made out of wood to reset the breaker. One of those long wooden spoons would work fine. Ok rant over. Try to stay warm,

  2. Hi Hobo, Yes this big thing is to pay attention to how much I am running. Wait until tonights post. It snowed this morning.