Monday, September 12, 2011

More of Sundays Trip

First the weather here. I had to put the fans in the shed, and bring in the heater for the bedroom. Nights are down in the high 40s mostly around 48 degrees. the days are still great mid 70s. Hope the morning will bring another nice day so I can go back to Ft. Apache to retake the pics.

Now more of Sundays trip.  In all these travels and well known to be Elk feeding grounds we have not encountered one Elk. Oh well I guess that isn't happening this year.

This cattle loader believe it or not is still in use. 

I hope tomorrow dawns bright  with scatted clouds but no rain, for the trip to take pictures again.  Also today I went to pick someone up at the White Mountain Shuttle Station and found the statue  of the 2 guys playing poker that supposedly brought the name to the town of Show Low of course I didn't have my camera. I bought a smaller camera that was to be in the car at all times. So where is it in the house at all times. I really make myself angry .


  1. Okay, send yourself to the corner for a timeout until you remember to take your camera with you wherever you go. The pictures you did post were enjoyed though.

  2. Once again, you did good, sweetie! Beautiful pics !

    You're gonna have to remember that camera!

  3. So many times I have encountered a photo moment and camera!! It makes me so mad when that happens.
    Sorry the elk have eluded you!!

  4. Sure like the way those temperatures sound. Nice pics again JJ, I like the way you made em zig zag down the page too.