Sunday, September 11, 2011

Out And About

Took  a ride today to see all the flowers and clouds. It was another beautiful day here, clouds rolled in and out. The temps were in the 70s.

 I think its neat the way shadows appear on the ground from clouds.

 Sunrise Lake is very large and it goes for miles
 Wild flowers are growing everywhere and are so beautiful
 Entering Horseshoe Lake I like this sign.

 I am going to go back here so I can go all the way to the little bait and grocery store. Right now things are kind of muddy.

Fields of gold, these yellow flowers grow everywhere and in huge fields.

I have lots more pictures and will post them tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable weekend.


  1. Looks like you had a good day looking at pretty scenery, thanks for sharing.

  2. You a professional photographer JJ? :)

  3. Hello John, It was but I can't figure out why the pictures are so dark. I know it was cloudy but there was plenty of sun. And the park manager fixed my printer! YIPPEE.

    Hey Hobo, Heck no I wouldn't have deleted all my pictures the other day if I was. But I love running around taking pictures of our beautiful country. And be lucky enough to have a good camera. When I grow up I would like a better one but this one will do me for now. :)

    Thank You both for stopping by today.

  4. When you grow up? :)~ Great pictures! I wish I could be somewhere like that on a Monday instead of around the cold steel of the big city.

    I'm glad the printer got figured out! Have a great Tuesday.


  5. Great pictures, sweetie! Sure is some pretty country around there!