Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Colors

Today I saw just how stupid and irresponsible  people can be with their pets.  As I was driving to take pictures on RT 260 there was a pick up behind me, I mean right behind me. I knew he wanted to pass me and I was doing the speed limit of 55. I saw ahead that the line was broken for a passing lane and I got over as far as I could. This fool passed me up and he had 2 really beautiful dogs in the back of the truck. For what I could see of them since he was going so fast. I saw that there was another car behind me wanting to pass me up too. So they did. I lost sight of them because their speed had to have picked up to well over 65. The next thing I know I see them up ahead the pick up was making a u turn and the van was pulling over with some idiot girl jumping out and running across the street. I then caught site of the larger dog running like all get out across the field and into the forest. I don't know if the dog fell out of the truck or he jumped. I wanted to stop and just scream at them but would good would it do. But I sure did give them the look of death and they did see it too.  I went on my way and took my pictures. I was gone for about an hour and headed back. Those people were still there and I guess they were still looking for the dog. I Just hope he wasn't injured and maybe in need of medical attention.

So here are the pictures I managed to take. I am not real happy with the colors as they are not a vivid as what I saw.

I have taken photographs of Sunrise before but this time it has some snow from the other day. Of course its far from being even close to opening. I understand the are doing Ski lift rides on weekends.

This picture was taken just before I reached the Sunrise turn you can see snow in the background 

A-1 Lake

The road into A-1 Lake

I left way to late today to go far enough up into Big Lake or Greer
maybe I will try again tomorrow.
Most of the packing is done and I did the dreaded laundry thing, but will have to do more on Wed.

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far.


  1. That story really pissed me off, too! My friend had a wonderful, smart dog that always rode in the back of his p/u. He went on a short trip (60 miles) and his buddy was gone. Never saw him again. How sad.

  2. I think the dog probably saw his chance to escape the idiots he was living with and took off. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. Hi Michael,

    I wondered if he was trained for hunting and maybe saw an Elk. But all the same you don't ride with your dog un leashed in a pickup.
    The only time I let Fred ride in the car is if I am just staying near the Park or in the park and he always is leashed. I bought a Pet Taxi for long rides as I don't want him wondering in the car while I am driving for both our sakes.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Hi John,
    And IDIOTS they are.
    I don't know why the pictures aren't coming out right. When I have time and I hope I can grab some today I need to check the settings for color But glad you enjoyed them.

    Thank you for coming by.

  4. We had a black lab. Had to have him put down in Jan due to old age (15!). Got so he could hardly get up.

    He hated coming in the house or even the inside of the truck. He rode in the truck bed - CHAINED! We never were afraid he would jump out, in fact he refused in jump in. We had to LIFT him in. The big sissy!

    But he were afraid of what would happen to him if we had to make a sharp turn or sudden stop. Not worth the chance of him getting hurt.

    I hope this dog found a better home.

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    Sorry you had to put your pup down. They become our children.
    I hope he finds a better home too. they sure don't deserve the dog or the other one that was in the truck either.

    Thank You for coming over for a read.

  6. Not only stupid with their pets, but stupid with their driving too; just dangerous all the way around. I am so glad for my over-the -road semi driving experience with hubby to learn to watch out for all the other drivers. Good training...

    Glad you were able to get such beautiful photos. One with the water is especially nice!

  7. Thanks Sunny,
    Some people seem to have been born with a limited amount of brains.

    That was good training for you. I am happy for your to be on the road to a new life.