Sunday, October 9, 2011

Outside work done

I finish putting away all the outside stuff and locked up the shed. Tarp is covering porch furniture and last piece of trim put up but it doesn't look right. I will have Rick look at it when he comes to measure the doors to remove the old fridge.
He had one for sale and its newer and smaller than the monster in here that runs almost all the time contributing to the electric bill I am sure. So why wait until it quits working altogether and its a good deal on the other one.
Tomorrow I will do some of the laundry and Wed. the towels and bedding. And then pack up the car.

After laundry tomorrow I will take a ride up to Sunrise and take pictures. I hope of the fall colors if they are present. Maybe even stop at Halway Lake that I haven't stopped at yet. I really would like to see it. I hear it is very pretty.

Hope everyone had a great weekend .


  1. Nothing like getting ready to move! Fun job!

    Gonna be hard to get used to not being in the mountains again!

    Good luck, sweetie!

  2. Look forward to your pix!


  3. Hi Jim,
    Oh yes this is so much fun. NOT!:) I will miss this place for the next 6 months for sure. I guess I am heading to over 95 degree weather in Tucson. :(P

    Thanks for coming for read My Special Friend.

    Hi Jack,
    I guess if I promised some pictures I better finish my lunch and get on down the road.
    Don't want to disappoint.
    Thank you for stopping by today

  4. Hi JOJO,

    Thanks for following my blog. I would have sent an email, but friend connect won't let me tonight.