Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leaving Earlier

Well I said I could handle the cold, I lied. Maybe it's because I am trying to get things put away and its so cold it just takes everything out of you and I can't stay out there that long. It took a good 45 min. to roll up the garden hose because it was cold and it wouldn't bend. It's a hundred footer . Then trying to arrange things in the shed to fit what I wanted to put in there.
Today it should reach a high of 58 not much better than yesterday. I know for some that is a really nice temp., But I have lived in the desert for 37 yrs and that's cold.
I figure if it gets done it gets done. Everything from the front of the house is put away. I wanted to grill one more time but that isn't going to happen so I will put the grill away and take my steak to Tucson and grill it there.
But I really want to take the drive up to higher country and get those pictures of the leaves.

New departure date 10/13

Have a great Sunday.


  1. You're hanging in there better than I am. We've had overnight lows around 40 the last two nights and that has moved my departure date to tomorrow morning. Heading for south Texas where it's still warm.

  2. Good Morning, JoJO and Shoeless Joe.

    Yep, it is cold here in Regina, too. Last night went down to 30, our highs are around 50.

    I had to winterize our rig, so we can't use anything until we get south next week....

    Take care, guys .... TnT

  3. Good Morning, JoJo ( and Shoeless Joe )

    We are going below freezing in Regina, too. Last night was 30, and our highs are only in the 50's.

    I had to winterize our rig, so we can't use the water system till we get a little further south next week.

    The Canadian Geese have been loudly honking their way south around here, and I think it is time to get following them !!

    Take care....TnT

  4. Time to move to a more comfortable spot!

    Rain...we got RAIN! overnight and real slow! Still coming down off and on...and I love it! Must have been your rain dance!

    You be careful on the road!

  5. Hi John,
    Its still cold now at 10 am 44 degrees. I talked to some othe folks here and they all decided to leave Thur. as well. Last year this time it was beautiful and in the high 70's. This is going to be another cold winter up here.
    Be safe on your move tomorrow.

    Hi T & T,
    I guess you both have finished you obligations just in time. I thought I could handle the cold but no. If I stay in all day it would be fine. But I am not the type to sit in the house all the time no matter what I find to do.
    Be safe on the road.

    Hi Jim,
    I am so happy you are getting rain. And slow is good since you haven't had rain in such a long time. You would have terrible flooding if not. boy that was hard to write without it sounding like porn. LOL Anyway enjoy it.

  6. Yep JJ, it's time to roll on down the road when you have to roll up a hundred foot frozen hose :)

  7. Hey Hobo,
    Yep its time to go. Of course it is now getting nice again. @ days early isn't all that early so I will be OK but it is suposed to be in the mid 90's and that isn't good. OH well
    Thanks for stopping in today.

  8. Hi JoJo,
    I hope you get to a warmer climate soon!
    Funny how fickle Mother Nature can be!

    Thank you for your kind words! It really helps a whole lot at this time!

    Have a safe trip south!

  9. And Thank You Kathy for coming by my Blog.
    I can't wait to finish catching up on your blog.