Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Getting out with friends

Today was girls day out.
We started out by going to the Home Goods Store. I love this store. I was after some plastic high ball glasses the small size. Out of luck. But I did find some nice pillows for  Mom's little run away. Then we went to Sweet Tomato's for lunch. Meet an old office mate from way back, of course she isn't old. Then headed to BevMo's I had never been there before, I found the glasses I was looking for and few other beverages. We kind of split up and Barb and Kathy went to OPT's and Lois and I went to BevMo's. We all met up at OPT since we couldn't carry our stuff all the way to the car. We needed curbside pick up. It was a fun day.

I will start cleaning up Mom's little run away Sat. I am planning to pull out next Thur. for a few days to check everything out and then plan a longer trip for mid Nov. Like ShoelessJoe said its time to go have some fun!

Took some pictures of the sunset tonight.

They aren't quite what I wanted.
Maybe once I get out into wide open spaces it will work better.
Hope everyone is having a good week so far. 


  1. You can only have fun after your chores are done. Mom.s little run away needs to be cleaned, if I have to clean Mel, it's only fair.

  2. Nice the have a girls day out. Reminds me that while I am here in NJ, I need to call two friends who we keep saying we need to get together for dinner. We need to do more that say someday.....

    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Hello John,
    You have inspired me. After all she has been sitting for 7 mths. and the way the wind blows around here that fine sand gets into everything.
    Making my list for loading too.
    Thanks for giving me the push and for stopping by.

    Hi Phyllis,
    We do get together often since we all live in the Village. But we all go in different directions in the summer. I am the only single one, but thats fine with me. But the guys all play golf and we run off somewhere.We have a good time. Give those Ladies a call. :)