Thursday, October 27, 2011

Koi so big you can ride them

A couple of days ago Coffee with Hermit Jim had a video with all kinds of electric percolators. It showed the Farberware 5 cup. I have one. Yes its old but works great. I will use it in my MH if I can't find the Mr. Coffee 5 cup carafe. Don't like using glass.

It was off to lunch again today with my friends Jeana and Terry. Now let me tell you I am NO health food nut. But Jeana suggested this restaurant that serves all natural food. Govinda's is great. They serve no meat or poultry, not even fish. I was amazed at how good this food was. Not only that but it had a wonderful patio to eat out side. The weather was perfect for it today.

 The birds and fish were not near the food or I would not have eaten there.

 These are very large fish, I want to say they are Carp but they must be Koi. They could have fed a full house for about 3 days off these.

This little butterfly was so pretty and there were many of them.

I know its about time I had something worth while on here. :)

Until next time


  1. Lots of colorful pictures, very nice.

  2. Well Howdy JJ, Where you been? Oh wait, I was the one that was missing. I see those koi everywhere over here, some are apparently worth thousands. I wouldn't mind trying to ride one :)

  3. Seems those birds and fish are quite safe living where they are.

    A few years ago we decided we needed an old fashioned coffee pot for when we were not connected to power and didn't want to run the generator. Could not find one. Then I got to thinking - the camping area of WalMart. Got one of the blue agate pots. It makes the BEST perked coffee I ever had.

  4. Hi John,
    I was happy with the colors to, I used the Kodac. Maybe it was the brightness of the day.
    Thank you.

    Hey Hobo, Nice to see you here and about. I took a day off here and there to. Wasn't much happening since I came back. I bet those fish are everywhere over in that part of our country.
    Thanks for stopping by missed you.

    Hello Phyllis,
    I picked one of those up years ago to make breakfast coffee in the Mountains, it was soooo good, but it is so big. I picked up a smaller one but paid way to much for it. But yes when you have no power....

    Thank you for stopping by today.

  5. Those Koi probably eat as much as some people!

    Sure do look healthy, though. I'm glad to see you finally got a few pictures to share with us again!

    Nice and cool here...FINALLY! Even had some rain last night! I am liking it real well!

  6. Hi Jim, So glad you stopped by.
    Yes it was so nice to be able to go out and not melt. Those Koi are so big I couldn't believe it.
    Will down load some new pictures I took today another nice day. Its about time we have some good weather and you had more rain.

    Take care my good friend.