Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Slow day

Didn't do much today. Turned in some lap robes that I made over the summer for the VA Hospital and finished another one at chicks with sticks crochet class. Then played with baby Marcello while his mom did some work on the computer. Once the sun started to go down we took a nice long walk. One of my friends was having a small gathering at her house as the last of the friends returned for the winter.

I really need to get out and take some pictures or something. Maybe tomorrow out at the Voyager RV Park something will catch my eye. And it will be something different meeting another blogger.

So until tomorrow have a great day.
BTW I am using my desk top so if you don't see me around its because I haven't transferred all the blogs to this system.


  1. Down time is good just to relax and catch the breath.

  2. JoJo, how nice of you to do such a nice thing for the VA. Lord knows there isn't a better cause.

    I enjoy your blog and hope you get it transferred over quickly.

    You have a great day, as well.

  3. Hi John,
    I really was a good day and I enjoyed just sitting around for a change. And going to the class and seeing everyone again.

    Glad you stopped by as always.

    Hello Jack, I am so happy you stopped by today so I was able to add you to my favorites on this computer.
    I really enjoy making these lap robes for the VA. We also make caps for the Cancer Center for the patients who lose their hair.