Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I wasn't going to post

I was reading some of my blogs and didn't now if I would post tonight . Then reached ain't for city gals. Sheryl's dad has terminal cancer and is nearing the end of his journey. If any of you  read her blog and haven't been around please stop by and read.  It just brings back memory's of a time I shared with my dad before he passed. And how fast you feel the pain like it was this morning.

Now on to another blogger,
Four Windows with a View rolled into town the other day. Jeana's first RV Park was not much fun. But had to get there to claim her car. Jeana, is now in a great RV Park Voyager and we are going to meet and have lunch at their Resturant. They have great food and lots of amenities. Its nice when we can meet other bloggers.

Update on the TV, I waited all morning for them to show up. Called at 12:45 to see what happened, guy says you are not scheduled until 12-5 well it wasn't worth arguing to much since now I had no choice anyway but to wait. They showed up at 2 pm to tell me I had no sound.  REALLY! So now it will take 7 - 10 for the sound board to come in. These people knew what was wrong before they came out. But had to confirm No Sound. Gee like I don't know whether I have no sound? It seems to be a problem with Best Buy's brand of TV which is Dynex and another brand that I can't remember. If they are having this problem why don't they stock the board?? At least I don't have to pay for this. And maybe I can find a telescope on a stand so I can keep watching the little TV from the MH.

Life is good, really it is.


  1. That is so neat that you and Jeana can get together. Have a good lunch.

    Hope the TV gets resolved soon.

  2. Hi John,
    Yes I have met a few others but it has been a long time. I am looking forward to meeting Jeana.

    I hope the TV gets fixed soon to I may have to hold it on my lap so I can see whats going on.

    Have a great day John and thanks for stopping by.

  3. I feel for Sheryl. The longest and shortest 10 months was after my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was a long 10 months because of all the pain he was going through and a short 10 months because I knew I was losing him.

    Our tv from BestBuy is a Dynex. Hope it goes out before the warranty is up if it's going to go out. I hate bad customer service.