Monday, October 17, 2011

Meeting Great Grandson 2

Today was a fun and relaxing day. I had breakfast with daughter #2. She is the daughter who took care of my place here while I was gone, kept plants watered and only killed 1 not bad at all. To tell the truth I think it was on its way out before I left. Some looked sad but are doing better now that the blinds are opened everyday and more light is coming in.

Then picked up granddaughter and came back to the house. And I got to meet great grandson #2.
But  it was a good day and Ashley put up the Halloween decorations and the Thanksgiving ones to. While I sat and held the baby and made him smile. That was easy work.

Hope everyone enjoyed their day.


  1. How adorable. Now you can go into the spoil and return mode.

  2. I'm gonna guess great grandson #2 wasn't the only one smiling :)

  3. What a little cutie. Nice that you could sit and hold while your place got the decorating accomplished.

    No, will not be in AZ this winter. We have NOMADS project in MS in February and another one in Austin, TX late March. In between visiting with Len's side of family in Louisiana. From Austin????

  4. Hi John,
    I love that part, spoil and return. Its so easy to do.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey Hobo,
    Nope he sure wasn't. Who would have ever thought I would make it all the way to Great Grandmother status. And still be so young. LOL
    Thanks for stopping in for a read.

    Hello Phyliss,
    It was great to be able to just sit period after all the work that I had to do since my return. But to sit and hold this beautiful baby and all I had to do was talk to him and he would smile. Good medicine for any pains.

    Sorry we won't be able to meet this winter but your work does much good, and is important. Have a great winter.

  5. blogger is sure making a mess of things today

  6. I just held my first great grand-son this last Sunday and it was soooo awesome! Just to think, 4 generations!!

  7. Hi Sunny,
    Yes it is awesome, And you know what they say we aren't getting older we are getting wiser. OK so I changed the last part but its true.

    So glad you came by today.

  8. LOL i killed 1 plant and almost the fern too. sorry mom