Sunday, October 16, 2011

Will I get done soon

I did finish the porch clean up and repairs today. And Fred enjoyed being out there. Threw away the broken gate and one of those green plastic chairs, gave up its life to dry rot or someting it just cracked. Had a big bag of stuff to throw away too and there was a box that the fake fire place was in. They changed to garbage pick up day and time again while I was gone so it had to go out tonite as they come before dawn, or so I was told. Things are looking better and cleaner. I sweep up a big pile of leaves and junk that had been blown around this summer.

My friend came over and took the tv out of the motor home so I will have something to watch.

As for the MH, I just don't know if I can part with it just yet. As I sat in there while Ron was taking down the tv I just felt that warm cozy feeling I created in there. I will take a trip in it next month and see how it goes.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. Glad you're getting settled in. My vote....keep the motorhome, great for weekend getaways when the walls start closing in.

  2. I agree with Joe, the motorhome is always good for a quick getaway if you need it.

  3. Good morning John,
    I really thing I need to keep it for awhile. I just wish I had a way to get it up to the mountain so I can go camping at some of the lakes. I'll figure out something I'm sure.
    Glad you stopped by.

    Hi Granny,
    Yes once I opened that door yesteray I knew I couldn't do it. I will have to take a trip next month.
    Thank you for coming by for a read.

  4. Sounds like things are just as busy down in Tuscon as they were up in Greer JJ. One time I sat down on one of those dried out plastic chairs and both back legs snapped right off. It was at a company picnic, bout a hundred people witnessed it :)

  5. JoJo, hope for sure you don't sell it.... just getting to know some wonderful RV'ers and its getting to be like a community. Don't leave us now :) (of course purely selfish reasons on my part)
    Still planning on a run to Tucson later this winter.

  6. Hey Hobo,
    That must have been awful to fall with all those people around. I'm glad I was alone and I was able to grab onto the railing. My daughter had it happen to her at a Thanksgiving dinner last year. I should have thrown out the other chair to, its just as old.
    So glad you stopped by today.

    Hi Sunny, I know its such a hard choice right now. I love my little rig, its the perfect size for me and my little dog. But having it up in the mountains requires storage payments and no car. I can't tow my car maybe I should learn to drive a scooter.
    I'm so happy to have you reading my blog. Looking forward to reading something on yours. And I will be here this winter MH or not.