Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trying to get things fixed

Have I mentioned its HOT!
I saw my son today and 2 of my grandkids. We need to set up a day to go to lunch since I missed their birthdays in June. They are both in Junior High already. Hopefully I will see a few more tomorrow.
After seeing the kids I went to breakfast with one of my friends. By time that was over it was hotter then hell.
But I needed to fix the porch railings that were falling down from the bottom. Yesterday I bought some l brackets and screwed them on. Man was it hot. I also needed to add some small fencing material to the bottom so Fred can't jump out from the bottom. I don't even know that he would try but I would rather be safe. By time I finished that I was sweating like a made dog. Did I mention it was HOT!
So I came in to try to get to my e-mail and nope way to slow. So I cleaned up for the second time and went to the Cricket store. That guy was so rude and lazy it was awful, by now between being over heated and this fool I really wanted to grab him by the neck and slap him a few times.So I left and came back home and looked up there main number, yes India. For the first time I had someone who could speak pretty good english and he was a big help. Seem unlimited isn't all that unlimited. It is a 4g broadband. While I was gone I let my daughter use it and the kids too. I guess they left it on or what ever but it was way over. The guy said thats why it was so slow. So I upgraded to 5g cause I do spend lots of time on line. What a difference this has made.
And I still have no sound on the TV so my friend that installed the one in the RV came over to uninstall it so I can have it in the house. He did such a good job he couldn't get it out. And of course it was to hot. He will come early tomorrow morning when it's cool and see if he can't get that last bolt out.

And this is my story and I'm stickin to it.


  1. JOJO, Did I understand you right? Is it HOT there? ;). You might check the back of the TV for a reset button, just saying. Hope you get settled in and all the little projects taken care of.

  2. That is a big change from Greer to Tucson. It will take you some time to get used to the weather again. Of course, it's never easy getting use to HOT is it? Hope you get things straightened out soon.

  3. Hi John,
    I just hate the heat anymore.
    We checked for a reset button and when I was on the phone with geek squad I asked if there was one and she said no. But thanks for the suggestion.

    Glad you came by.

    Hi Granny,
    Working on lots of things today. When the temps start climbing I find things that need to be done inside.

    Glad you stopped by for a look see this morning.

    Hi Judy and Emma,
    It has been in the high 90's. But is seems hotter for some reason, maybe because its a dry heat. :(P
    Thanks for coming by.

  4. JoJo,

    I'm guessing by going from 4G to 5G you meant 4gigs of data to 5 gigs of data?

    Maybe we can shop some of our cool temps up there for a little beat of heat for the end of October? :)~ I'm praying we stay above 34f until November 1st because we are going for a short trip in the RV at the end of October and I'm not winterizing until we get back.

    Good luck in the broadband department, unfortunately the people who sell it don't always know what they're selling.


  5. Ship our cool temps, not shop... boy my fingers aren't working anymore...