Friday, October 14, 2011

Its Hot

It is still in the 90's here and I don't like it.

But the up side I got to see one of my Great Grandson's Marcello. He is so beautful and he is a really chunky little.

Hopefully I will see the others tomorrow.

I came home to find my just under 2 yr old flat screen TV has no sound. My SIL tried everything, no good. I found my paper work and I just had 2 months left on the extended warranty. She said bring it to the store so the geek squad could look at it. Yea right I'll just pick it up be right there. So they will send someone. But they will not come until Tues. I still have to go to Cricket about this slow broadband that is driving me crazy. I have been trying to catch up almost all day reading blogs and I have a hard time getting into my e-mail.

I have just about put everything away and ran out of hangers. I  think that means I brought home to much stuff. Then realized I left all my shorts at the Tin Can Cabin, I found 2 pr and my daughter said she has some she will bring over on Monday. Smarty pants is losing weight. But I am proud of her.

Lets see if I can download more pics of the Canyon

you can click on the pictures and they should get larger

I don't know if this picture will right itself or not,
But as you can see the terrain has changed. It means I am about 2 hrs away from Tucson and quite a ways away from the Canyon.
I don't want to mess with this to much, I'm afraid it will all be gone. It actualy only takes 15 min. to drive the Canyon even at the speed limits of 20, 25 and 30mph. Believe me you don't want to hit those curves at anything more than the posted speed.

Hope you enjoy my trip.


  1. Thanks for the neat picture, that first one is precious.

  2. Thanks for sharing those pics with us. Very nice!

    Hope you get the television all fixed up!

    Welcom3e home, sweetie!

  3. Hi John,
    Thank You yes he is, and has the most adorable smile. Loves that bottle too. LOL

    Thanks for stopping in for a read last night.

    Hi Jim,
    I love sharing my pictures with everyone.

    My Son, said he would be over today he thinks he knows whats wrong. If not they are coming Tues between sunrise and and sunset.

    Thanks for coming.