Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 1 at Gilbert Ray

After running some errands we finally got going around 12 noon. The registration office is no longer open and you have to do a self registration. I don't know how many places are like this. You take your envelope find a space make out your flap and attach it to the post at your site. Go back and drop off the envelope with your check. I almost forgot to fill up the water tank so I had to go back to the station and fill up. I took Fred for a short walk while filling up.  The cost here is $20. per night and that includes electric and you fill up at the water station. They do have a dump also. If you ask me that is a lot of money for electric and water per night. And to not even have anyone in the office anymore. I only saw one camp host station in a different loop. Only 2 loops are open now. This camp ground used to be $14. per night and it was packed. I know it's still early in the season but I think people would rather use their PA or Good Sam to get 50% off the  cost of a Full Hook Up RV Park.
But I love coming here because it is close to home and I still feel like I am somewhere besides home.

By time I was finished setting up it sure was hot out. I had to use my a/c for about 3hrs. I didn't bother putting down the awning because there had been wind advisories all day for tomorrow. With my luck it would have come up during the night and goodbye awning. Once it cooled down I took Fred for a nice walk which I know he really needed. Then sat out and relaxed for awhile.

My friend Kathy brought me over some roast beef, potato's and carrots before I left. I heated that up for dinner. Wow was that good and I had enough left over for another meal. Thank you Kathy.

I took a few pictures but was to tired to get into it much.
Blogger has truly tested my patients tonight. So 2 picture's seems to be it. And for some reason they came out on top.

I will try again tomorrow.


  1. I agree that the rates seem a bit high for what your getting. Hope you have a good time communing with nature.

  2. Hi John,
    The weather this morning is really warm. Not cold like it has been. I only needed to wear a flannel shirt to walk Fred at 6 am.

    Thanks for coming by.

  3. Guess that the prices on everything are going up. $20 a night with such limited provisions does seem a bit stiff, but since I have no experience with this sort of thing I can't be certain.

    The main thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself!

    Have a great time, sweetie!

  4. Hi Jim,
    Yes it feels good to be away from the house and all th hussle of the city.
    thanks for dropping by today. :)