Monday, November 7, 2011

Soggy Start / Ice Cubes

It is pouring down rain, glad I put the chairs and the fake grass away yesterday. When I took Fred out this morning it was cloudy, but has been every morning so far. I made my cup of coffee and sat down to check e-mail read some blogs when I thought I heard rain. The temp dropped 5 degrees in nothing flat and then the rain really came down and the wind picked up too. But the sun was shining so I figured it would stop soon.  Well it has been raining hard for 2 hrs now. And it sure doesn't look like it is going to quit anytime soon. I am getting the inside packed up and having another cup of coffee. The electric  heater is going full blast still as it is 45 degrees. Luckily I remembered I bought a rain poncho for just this kind of thing. I just hope it stops long enough to dump the tanks.
More later.

As soon as the rain quit I unplugged  put Fred in his crate and headed for the dump station. I had filled 4 gls of water from the MH sink to finish rinsing the black tank. Since I had more water in  the fresh tank I really flushed out the black tank. Now I don't know if the ice had anything to do with it or not. Since I didn't dump when I got there my friend said I didn't have to. What the ice is suposed to do is knock everything loose. I also put some cleaning solution in the clear water tank since that had never been cleaned by me since I bought the rig. So anyway the black tank looks really clean and all my tanks are empty and clean.
I am back in the driveway and I am really thinking about maybe putting it in storeage because getting it in the driveway is a pain. The only thing with storage is the sun. Here it is protected. ARGH just another thing to complicate my life. And yes if it sounds like I am keeping her I am. I will figure out something else for The White Mountains.
 Now for some pictures of the mountains after the rain and as I was leaving the campground.


  1. Does life ever get simple? Seems like there are always decisions to be made and solving one brings on a couple more.

  2. When we were in Az last winter, had one VERY quick rainfall. SO, it really does rain down there, eh?

  3. Hi John,
    No it doesn't ever get simple. But I bet it sure would get boring if it did. Always have to take the good with the bad.

    Glad you came by today.

    Hello Phyllis,

    We get more rain than people think just never enough. It rained the night I pulled in to the camp ground to. Maybe this will be a wet winter here in the desert.
    Thanks for stopping by this morning.