Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beautiful Sunrises

Here it is time to head home in the morning. I can stay out here for a lot longer if I could. The sunrises have been so gorgeous. The quiet is awesome. But I have blown my travel budget for the rest of the month and then we are into Christmas so I guess I will have to wait for January. Maybe.

My friends Kathy, Lois and Barb drove out to visit today, it was nice to be able to sit in the sun and chat. Yesterday was the annual yard sale at the Village and Lois bought Fred an Air Force jacket. He seemed to like it.

A few more people pulled in today I think the people next to me are the same once that came last year. Met a lady that said she was at the Voyager and met Jeana who has a blog and I had lunch with twice. It is a small world.

My friend Ron will come and help me back into the driveway when I get home. It may be easier to put it in storage. I could back it in but can't tell when to stop as the awning drops at a certain point, the only way I would know when to stop is when I heard the crunch.

I watched some  DVDs tonite of very old detective movies they came complete with commercials, 55 Chevy, Bayer aspirin, molle shaving cream,( I don't remember that one) campo something.

Here are some photos I took today

 How would you like to wake up and see this? Actually it was quite clever looking. It was on Toyota truck. I don't know if it was home made or a factor thing but it had foreign plates

 Phainopepla, why couldn't they give this bird a name that I could pronounce?
Now  before blogger has me screaming and ripping out what little hair I have I will say good night
Good Night


  1. Backing by braille is not recommended. Glad Ron can help. Did you ever figure out what that stone building was? Always curious.

  2. Hi John,
    No sure haven't. while more RV's pulled in last night I dont know if the registration office is.
    I'll try and find out, as I am also curious.

  3. Nice shot of the brick building. Cacti in front and mountains in the distance. :)

  4. Hi Judy an Emma,
    Judy, I, hope you are feeling better.
    Thank you for your comment on my photo. Yours are always so beautiful.
    Hoping the rain stops or at least slows down before I have to pull out, hate to dump in the rain. :(P