Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh What a Night

The winds blew like crazy all night and then I heard a soft sound of rain. I had the window open and it just lulled me to sleep again. Then a really big gust of wind woke me up. And the sound of pouring down rain. I felt the misty rain on my face. I figured it was time to close the window. I wasn't sure if the fan vent was open so I got up and checked everything to make sure no windows were still open. All was good and went back to bed. I slept well after that. Woke up at 6am and man was it cold. I had the electric heater ready and plugged it in got dressed and walked Fred, who was quite happy to have his sweater on. By time we came back in it was nice a warm.

The sun came out and the sky is clear, seems like just a slight breeze is blowing but it is cooler today at 46 degrees at 8 am.

Going to go down to register for one more night. Need to dry out the fake grass so I can pack it away. (good excuse to stay)

Went for a walk to get the registration form it was still nippy out but what a crystal clear day. We really needed that rain to clean up the air after all that nasty wind. I found an old stone building but will have to go with out Fred since he seems to pick up those small nasty cholla that have fallen off the main plant. He is so good about letting me pull them out. I know they hurt like hell.

So I am here until Monday. Now I will have to wait for the next trip until next month or maybe Jan. since Christmas is right here already.
Yes I said Monday I want to make sure everything is good a dry. Sounds good to me.

It warmed up nicely and we sat out side for a few hours and then walked. Made some left over roast beef for lunch and then went out again. Worked on a thing I am making but not sure how it will turn out. I found a book I don't remember reading about Tombstone and haunting and how they never found proof. It was amusing.

It started to get chilly around 3:30 so we came in and I read some old magazines and then had to put on sweat pants. We took another walk around and then settled in for the night. Heater is back on and I am having a nice cup of hot tea.

Last night's sunset

 The view from North East

Earlier this morning, the clouds are moving away
I will go back tomorrow and take more pictures  

Hope you all have a great weekend


  1. Nothing like a western sunset with a little dust in the air to add just the right amount of color. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Hello John,
    Thank you, its true the sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful. I just peeked out to see what it is looking like and the sun is having a tough time burning thru the heavy clouds this morning.
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the sky! I sure like the looks of that old wall! Wonder what it's history is?

    Tell ol' Fred "howdy" for me!

  4. Hi Jim,
    I sure don't know the answer to that. I can't believe that this place is so empty. There is only one camphost here and maybe 10 rigs and 1 tent camper. There were a few more when I got here but have since left. Maybe if the registration office was open someone might have had that answer.

    Fred says Howdy.

  5. Sounds like a great night and wonderful pictures!