Monday, November 28, 2011

Tree is up

Another pretty day here in the Ole Pueblo.
Set up some apt. for tomorrow. Fred's getting a shampoo and nail clipping. Just in time he is starting to smell like a dog and his nails can be a deadly weapon.  He likes going on the car and the last time I took him in for a grooming they said he was soooooooo good. Hope he likes this place just as well.
Also have an apt. with my financial guy. Not much improvement in the money world right now so time to move things around.

I went out to the shed and opened the tree box. I had to bring it in in sections as it is quite heavy. I had to move furniture to make room for the tree. I think this was a big part of why I didn't want to be bothered. Anyway the tree is up and decorated and a few more snowman are around the room.

My sis invited me for homemade pizza tonight and a salad. So I went and spent some time over at her house. My sister just lives about 6 houses away from me. But we have had lots of critters running around here lately so I drove over.

Not much else going on today.
Hope your week is starting out well.


  1. You need to post a picture of the Christmas tree, since I don't have room for one, I'll look at yours.

  2. JoJo, Jack says to tell you that Fred is supposed to smell like a dog! When he read your blog he said we forget that we smell like humans which isn't all that great for Fred or him. LOL

    I don't decorate--could skip over the holidays. I know--humbug, but that's the truth.

    Be well.

  3. Hi John,
    I took some pictures but I didn't put them on last night. Will do it tonight. You can always get paper one and hang it somewhere. LOL But sorry I'll makes sure I post it sorry.
    Glad you stopped by for a read.

    Hi Jack's, Mom,

    Tell Jack I can only stand so much smell. LOL
    But his nails are really getting to long so off to the groomers he goes. But I won't let them do any ribbons or nonsence like that.
    Decorating is getting to be to much of a hassel. I have so many Villiage pieces and trains, and it needs to go up on a 4x6 ply wood board, just don't want to go through all that this year. But there are still kids in the family so I will do somethings.

    Thank you for coming by today.

  4. You sound like my son. He has an enormous village and train collection. He starts decorating before Thanksgiving! He loves all the traditions surrounding the holidays. Still reads "The Night Before Christmas to His Three Girls". The youngest is 19. So cute.
    And, of course we all have to watch "Christmas Story" at least once somewhere along the line.LOL

  5. I take my 2 ft tree out of the box, and plug it in. Have to work a little on spreading the branches,,but,,it is pretty. Has lites that change colors, and places. (was a $store one) Had it for years.

  6. Looking forward to seeing the pics! Your place was looking nice on the last set with your C'mas stuff. I'm afraid my RV will soon be in for plastic surgery, so not sure if I'll even get to buy & enjoy a small tree. So I'll have to enjoy it all through everyone elses photos.