Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas lights

I took Fred for a bath and nail clipping today and tried to take care of business but the man hadn't come in yet, so I went to Walgreen's for something and I can't even remember what so I wonder if I bought it or not. But I sure did spend some money there. As I was getting ready to check out the man called so I drove back over there and took care of that. Just as I was dragging in my purchases into the house Petsmart called to say Fred was ready to leave. Of course they said he was a real sweetie. :)  On my way home my son called and said he was on his way to my house to hang the Christmas lights. Or what ever I needed done.
And since Shoeless Joe asked here are some tree shots too.

I guess I should have used the Canon I don't like the way these came out or its just that I had the Kodak on the wrong setting. I figured out how to change it after I took the pictures. OH OK then.
BTW John you can buy some really little trees to set on your table. They are about 6in. tall. :)

After all was done today my friend told me to come over for a drink so after walking Fred I went and we sat out on the porch until about 5:30 then it started to get chilly and I didn't bring a jacket so I came home. But where else can you sit outside this time of year? I guess FL. or Georgia.
 Its just wonderful. So much to be thankful for.


  1. No, JOJO, I'm going to use the picture of your tree as my screen saver, so whenever I'm not on the computer I'll have a tree.

  2. Hey John,
    LOL Well then you have my permission and I will try to get a better shot. HAHAHA

  3. Your such a Scrooge. LOL and a Bra to boot. Nice hat LOL

  4. Here in Central Texas, you can sit out on the porch most days.
    Great decorations.

  5. Over the weekend, even here in NJ you could sit outside. Would not even attempt to now!

    Maybe tomorrow I will decorate after seeing how nice your home looks.

  6. Hey Trouble,
    I heard TX. got quite a cold spell is it over?
    Tonite was a little chilly by 5pm but I was busy and didn't think about sitting out.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hi Phyllis,
    Is it really still that warm in NJ for sitting out at this time of year?
    I remember how it would stay so nice and we would thing the kids could go trick or treating without a heavy coat and then that day it would be so cold and out came the heavy coat. And it seemed like it never got warm again until the end of April.

    Thanks for the nice complement on my decorations. I'll be looking for pictures at your place.

  7. Right now, 42 in the Houston area. Tomorrow, 74. I can live with that! The RV stays chilly where it's parked. Strange to think that just a few weeks ago, we were battling the heat so much.
    Pretty pics, thanks for sharing them :-)