Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am sitting here reading blogs and all of a sudden this wind has started blowing like crazy. It sure is strong. It made the front door rattle pretty good. I wonder how my decorations are going to make it. The weather bug says winds of 10-15 well let me tell you this is not that low. Its more like 25 - 30.

Went to Nordtroms Rack today and found croc's for $19.90 now that's a bargain and they are lined. If it weren't for Croc's I would not be able to walk very far at all. So I picked up 2 pair and I am going back with my sis, the sales girl said they were getting in a new shipment tonight.

We also went to a really nice outdoor mall but didn't buy anything. And stopped for lunch at JB's it was very good and light to.

That's about all for now.


  1. Okay, here's the deal, do not forward the wind to the east. We only want nice weather around here. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

  2. Oh those kind of crocks are comfy! I like shoes you can just slip off & on. HOpefully soon, I'll be able to do that again.

  3. In reading other blogs from people in your area, they all are talking about the wind. I well remember it from last year when we spent two months in AZ.

  4. Wind is pretty much a daily fact of life here along the TX coast.

  5. Hey John,
    Ok I will send it eslewhere. I was always taught to share, but if you don't want it I won't send it. HAHA

    Thanks for stopping in for a read and your request. :}

    Hi TexCyn,
    Yes they are great and the lining at least isn't white anymore it's the same color as the shoe. I have had the knock off brands and they just arent' soft enough or comfy.
    Thanks for coming and have a great day.

    Good morning Phyllis,
    It was a beautful and then after dark I heard this racket and it was the wind, and boy did it blow and still is but not as bad.
    Thanks for coming, have a wonderful day.

  6. Just heard on news, CA had 97 mph winds. Bad stuff. Hope u didn't get a lot of damage.

  7. Hi Trouble,
    WE didn't get it that bad here but its still blowing. No damage.
    Thanks for asking and Thanks for coming by today.