Monday, December 19, 2011

Cold and damp

Just got home from a visit with sis and friends. Had a little date with Captain Morgan and egg nog. Glad I was only down the street. Have to be careful of the captain he can sweep you off your feet. Little devil. :) Just kidding didn't have that much.
It is so cold out tonight. Its been cold all day. The temp was about 49 for the high.
Daughter #2 and future hubby came over. Showed me the menu's for the wedding and all decided on a buffet. There is more variety in the food. We went out to lunch then headed to the San Xavier Mission to walk around and it was even colder out there. Went into some of the gift shops and Deb picked up some gifts. We really were cold and it was so damp we headed back to the house and they stayed just a little while and headed to the one of the Malls. They are doing some neat things for the wedding. They both have children from other relationships so they are going to buy a tall glass vase and different colored sands for the kids to pour into the glass as a joining of families. I guess they saw that at one of the bridal shows they attended.

Not much more but the little gathering tonight. Our neighbors have the same last name as I. We always laugh about it and he tells  everyone I am the other wife. The good wife, cause he doesn't have to support me or I don't have a honey do list for him and he doesn't have to listen to me complain or throw him out on the couch. LOL. I tell him, his wife is a saint for putting up with him cause I sure wouldn't. We all lived in the same town in NJ even on the same street, but at different times . Of course back then I would have had a different last name. But it is a small world.
Tomorrow's forecast is mostly cloudy and a high of 51. OK this IS Tucson the sunshine place with nice warm winter weather. :(P


  1. You'd better be careful with the Captain, he's a sly one. The blended sand was used at my grandsons wedding two years ago. There were no children involved, but symbolic blending of families involved. A very nice touch. I told them to save some space in the urn and I would send some of my ashes wen I'm gone and we could do some further blending.

  2. Glad you had a real good time!

    I can just see you under the influence of that eggnog! You just be careful, you rascal you!

  3. Hey John,
    Nice of you to offer yourself up like that. I'm sure they are delighted. hahaa.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hi Jim,
    I liked the Ole' Captain but didn't over due. After all I had a 1/2 block to get home. LOL
    And the cold sure took care of the little buz I had.
    Thanks so stopping by, I am now on my way to your place for a refill.

  4. We had a great time yesterday MOM!! Love you

  5. Amazing!! about ur neighbor. It always amazes me how small the world is,,,when something like that happens.

  6. Hi Princess,
    I did to. Love You Back

    Hey Trouble,
    Yes it is a small world.

  7. Wow, that is a small world - whodathunkit?